Morning Bliss

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for 3 years and finally I got time to publish it. Something that I miss these days.

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

I woke up early today like any other day. I decided to skip my routine work and go for a walk. As I started my walk, it was peace to see not many people on road. Yeah, I don’t like to see the crowd. The early bird chirpings and the calmness around adding the beauty to a lonely walk. Dark clouds fading away and the sun rays spreading the lines slowly everywhere. The droplets on those thin grass lawns. The fog vanishing from the sight. Without breakfast and the hungry stomach, walking kept me active & energetic. It did not make me tired. I felt like to walk more and more. The flowers on the sides of the road is the real magnificent carpet. I can humm the song or dance a bit and no one will see it. 😉

Slowly people started waking up. The municipalty workers cleaning the garbage off the road. Some people listening to the music through the headsets and jogging in the park. Group Sportish teams playing on the ground. Typical old age group visiting religion based worship places. Fitness group doing their yoga poses. The doggies with their gangs.

Somewhere on one of the lanes where not so priviledge people do their house chores also outside their tiny houses. The morning hustles of going for job and school is so nostalgic. Kids crying because they don’t want to go school. Whilst some working professionals have grumpy face will bring a smile on your face. A newspaper boy and milk packet delivery man knows the time mangement very well as they do it with speedy footsteps and a cycle. While one street gives the craving of breakfast aura , another street has a trashy smell. The pros and cons of priviledged and unprivilged society.

There are so many things that happen around in an hour of early morning that one could definitely create a movie called ,”The Morning“.
We can see different types of life starting their morning in different ways. Each person has a different story but almost all of them have one thing in common, that they are motivating to the watchers. I can firmly say that morning is the best time to create the documentary stories and to capture the amazing photographs.

Finally, witnessing beautiful sunrise made me happy again. A single morning walk can really have effects on the whole day. I always believe morning is the cure for many. While the common exercises can keep you physically fit and mentally healthy too, a walk or just going out in the morning will give you the strength for the whole day or a week. If you observe everything around you in the morning, you will be inspired by many to live life once again with the positive spirit.

What I miss is not carrying the camera capturing those natural moments !
But, no regrets -when it’s all peace to witness! 🙂

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