Miss Boney

I looked myself in the mirror,
I felt sorry for myself.
What I have done to myself?
Clothes on skeleton,
I am miss Boney.
The one who is left only with bones.
Bearing up all the injuries &
organ failures,
Showing up everyday new symptoms,
Pills all over my room,
Medical emergency numbers on wall,
Why don’t I find any love in the room?
Why don’t I find hugs ?
Why don’t I find surprises on the door?
Why did I ignore myself ?
Why did I go beyond limits
to fulfil all my loved ones’ wish?
Only to know, I am just a machine for them.
Was it worth to be everyone’s slave?
Was it worth to be everyone’s nurse?
When the tears roll down,
no one wipes my tears.
When I scream in pain,
everyone is deaf.
When I went through dying situation multiple times,
No one existed to say a kind word to me.
There are good souls out there.
But, I am surrounded with the souls,
the ones that used me until I am a scrap.
If not love, why is it so hard to show empathy?
Animals could sense the pain,
give the comfort but,
some humans can only
give the hurts & pains.
How come people love being happy so much that they forget, they can be happy today because I sacrificed myself for them.
What an irony of life ?
Perhaps, being too good is also a bad habit. Indeed!
I learned , learned this life lesson too late.
I can only be proud of myself and I am the only person to forgive myself.
To forgive for not giving a chance to hold the self-love.

-ShubhiPatil (www.thepsychologicalworld. com)

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