Lost Role Of A Father

Dear dad, nah the way I call you papa papa
Those words have feeling in it.
Correction! The words had feelings earlier but, not anymore.
Every daughter’s first role model is her father.
The girls often say,”My papa is my hero”
I could not understand, what does that mean?
Perhaps, I want to feel that proudness but I never got such a chance.
You never protected me.
I never dependent on you.
You were full of lies.
A role model for the society.
You lied to the world that
you pamper me.
There lied a harsh truth.
You took away my happiness.
You never valued me despite of all sacrifices I did for you.
I am left to say, orphans are luckier than me.
Living unpleasant life with troublesome parents is the nightmare for all children.
Having an unsupportive father is an unavoidable thing for a girl.
A selfish father who doesn’t learn lessons even at older age,
creates a hopeless path for an innocent daughter.
I would tell the world,
“Don’t be a father, if you wish to live only for yourself.
Don’t be a father, if you wish to talk ruthless to your daughter.
Don’t be a father, if you want to use your daughter as a slave forever.
Don’t be a father, if you enjoy cutting her wings and cage her in shackles.
Don’t be a father, if you cannot respect women.
Dont be a father ,if you are not a family man.
Because if a woman, who tries her best to keep the bonding of family, doesn’t receive the value then such men dont deserve to hold the title of a father.

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