Lost In Love

Sometimes I try to write musings/poetries. Yet to polish my skills 🙂

Amid the celebration–
dazzling fireworks and glasses of wine ,

I look around to get a glimpse of you
in the room filled with party animals.

Back in those days, I was delighted
to meet you for the first time.

We laughed on jokes, played pranks

& enjoyed every moment spending together.

People around us extolled how

we both are made for each other.

Your grandiose behaviour made me admire you more than before.

Your sweet & protective embrace
brought more happier moments for me.

It was the wonderful feeling of
divine bliss and having blessed to have you.

The ecstasy of love has itself compelled me to live each moment

carrying the beautiful smile across my face.

Few days of good days and then
all the days turned into only memories.

You absconded easily without
even giving me a last goodbye.

Unfortunately, my fate does not
want me to be with you.

Letting go off the thoughts that involves only you with me
can not be  accepted as a choice.

For few days we were more than friends
and now we are just another strangers.

I have no clue what fate has laid me to!!!

I have been contemplating puzzled assumptions of

there is something between us

or nay am fool to be lost in an unrealistic world.

Can you enlighten what relation we actually hold now???

Enlighten the darkness,  let the truth shine as modest.

Its tormenting ,every second I think of you
knowing the fact that you can never be mine.

I walked on the path that paved me the way
to the pain & agony through thorns.

Along with those never ending feeling of abandonment,
I was accustomed to live my life in this way.

Now the flames are so fierce,
it has started burning the immortal love for you in me.

Days have passed &  I am still anguishedly living
being unaware of what the destiny is holding for me…


The Secret
In Search Of Justice !

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  1. This is some brilliant poerty, very well written indeed! Being lost in love can be an experience

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    This is such a lovely poem. You do have the talent to write poetry and I admire you for that. I write poems too, but only when I feel that “push.” Thanks for sharing this heartfelt piece of writing.

  3. Michael David Oyco says:

    Poetry is rare nowadays. Keep it up to inspire more people to do more of these!

  4. Lost in love? Ahaa! This is an experience for young ocuple especially.Anyway, sometimes when fate does not want allow the two of you to be, it’s for the best I always say. Loved the piece!

  5. Thanks for your post! Lovely way of expression & nice poetry. This is more like high school years,.. but later on, people move on with their life.

  6. Anna de Nord says:

    Though I prefer prose, I must admit poetry is usually more expressive. And I loved your poem, so sincere and strident…

  7. This wonderfully written. I had a mix of emotions reading it. Because somehow I can relate to it. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. thestyletune says:

    You are so good at poetry! i love the thought of being lost in love, so magical!

  9. Wafa Deshmukh says:

    Wow these are such deep words, very beautifully written poetry 🙂

  10. Janet Foxx says:

    That’s a great poem. Keep up writing more and more.

  11. I love poetry and this was beautifully well done. This line was my favorite – “The ecstasy of love has itself compelled me to live each moment.” it made my heart smile ^_^

  12. fun read… I miss poetry, there’s just not enough of it… thanks for sharing ; )

  13. It is written very well. I can feel many emotions while reading it. Angst and resolve for sure.

  14. Poetry can be pretty moving. And some of my own will even bring me to tears to think about when I read them after I write them. This is really beautiful. And love is such a rich well when it comes to inspiration.

  15. Nice, we don’t get enough poem in the blog world. keep it going… what a breath of fresh air. thx!

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