Lorn in the loopholes…

I lived with grinches
that led my mind linger happily
in an imagination world.
I waited for the day to walk on sunshine.
The moment I gave up the battle,
unexpectedly within a night,
I reached my destined place,
with the feels of no more hindrances.
But, the tables turned around.
There was no sunshine and rainbows.
A tough life for the sane to live with
an agelast and an abderian together.
Perhaps, I am yearning to walk
with a ray of sunshine.
When the whiffler has all the controls,
the sane will be played till the end.
Would it be easier for a squalid to
win the lottery to seize the bossyboot.
I wonder, how heavenly would it feel
to have a pocket full of sunshine!

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