Life without mom

Mumma, where are you really?
I am still waiting for you and your love.
I know, I am not orphan yet.
I know, you are still alive with me.
They say, I can’t live without you.
I tell them, you can’t live without me.
If we live together, then why am I still searching you everyday???
I am not blessed to receive
the love of mother.
Time changes, weather changes, decades passed by.
You never changed.
I treated you like baby.
You treated me like slave.
When will the narcissism behavior will leave you?
When will you stop being selfish?
When will you stop bullying your own baby?
When will you stop playing with your child’s life?
When will you stop spreading bitter lies to others that you love me?
I am forever caged in your restricted chains.
Whether my last breathe or yours, my suffering will never end.
They say, no one can replace a mother.
No one can love the way mother loves her child.
If so, then why do adults with worst mothers never heal ?
Why do such adults live with physical and mental scars?
Why do they still look for freedom wings?
Perhaps, they didn’t see other parts of world wherein mothers are the villains and children are their slaves.

Shubhi Patil (

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