Life Matters!

Taking a plunge into my dreams
A free bird wandering in the imagination
As I open my arms wide at the sky
As I look up at the clouds
by opening my eyes slowly
taking a long deep breathe,
a sigh of relief moves on my face.
Standing at my favorite place,
on the rock surrounded by the water and hills.
As the new day – sun rises with the beautiful rays
that glows my face and widens my smile.
When I feel the drizzling drops falling on me,
with the slight cloudy fog moving around,
the headset on with the right music for my mind,
it’s when the heart feels so lighter,
my feet taps to the beats of the music,
my hands move in the waves of the tune,
and that’s where I enjoy the moment.
Dancing with the full of joy,
being there in the moment,
living the moment,
leaving everything behind
that bothered me,
with the no clue of new beginnings,
living this moment like the only moment of life
because that’s what I wished for !
A simple moment with the burdens off on my mind,
A simple moment with the bundle of joys in my heart.

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