Life Lessons


Sometimes some people will come into your life and destroy each pieces that you built up for your beautiful life.
When you are left with nothing and dwell in the thoughts of:
Why did this happen to me?
How would I survive again when I have already reached the end of life?
Will the karma bite that person to teach the lesson of your value?
When the past, present and future seems to be zero, you don’t have to try anymore to fix anything to number 1 position.
When you did not plan to pause, but everything is paused, then you don’t have to be in shock and still.
Look at the world and look at the struggles of the souls that had been facing a wretched life just like you but then all of us have to just strive for nothing or something.
We believe in the thoughts that we can begin everything from scratch but if our soul has lost interest in living this dreadful life , nothing just seems to ever change.

When you don’t have any chance to destroy the ones who destroyed you, you don’t have to be impatient.
The best you can do is to believe that the person who destroyed you does not exist anymore in this world. You don’t have to forgive the ones who are unforgivable but you can start to believe that the person does not exist.
The least you can do is check your basic routine. Tick the basic routine life and then step by step you will reach somewhere to begin a new journey again.
In that manner, it will be easier for you to focus on your priorities and develop an optimistic mind again.

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