12 Life Instructions:

Who says life does not come with instructions? Of course, it can’t come with full-pack learning guidance package. But we can always learn things from our own experience & other’s experience and use our brains to know what’s right for us. As most of us say, sometimes our instincts are correct; that’s actually absolutely true.

Here are some of the instructions that might help you from chaotic thoughts 😉

1] Sometimes being blunt is the necessary behavior and the right thing to do.
2] Don’t dance on other’s taps all the time.
3] Draw a limit for yourself, the limit of doing things for others.
4] Don’t fear from telling the truth.
5] Be wise while choosing the person, when you are doing certain things for them beyond the limit.
6] Family is important. Give it a thought, is the same family thinks of you as important?
7] All friends are important. Give it a thought, are all of them really there for you in your bad times?
8] Don’t suppress anger and tearful emotions.
9] Don’t spend more time at home.
10] Walk every day. Spend at least 30 minutes for walk every day.
11] Eat whatever you want, but balance how much you eat per day.
12] Keep saying good things to others. Wish them on their special days.
Wish them every day even if it’s just normal good morning. Appreciate them very often.

Will add on more and more instructions once in a while….

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