Life Goes On…

Last year I experienced effects of floods personally.

But, I told everyone I am doing good .

Covid season affected in a different way.

I did not share with anyone.

Lockdown gave a hell time.

I asked others how they are coping with it.

Somewhere I shared lockdown overview with one friend.

Life had been showing phases of hell for decades,

Probably, that’s the reason it did not seem important to share.

But, it is also the frustrating thing when such universal external factors are bonus problems.

While living a normal day is a miracle thing for me

And I expect this miracle to happen someday,

Grew up so old that problems become normal routine.

Overall, I am thankful to lockdown for one thing.

The thing it made my old friends remember me.

Some remembered me as to refresh old memories.

Some remembered me to loot me with the excuse of lockdown.

Thank you for reading !

Hope you all are doing better.

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