Letter to my daughter who smokes!!!

Letter to my daughter who smokes!!!

My angel,

I will not sit with you and give you a lecture. I am sure you may not hear half of my words. You will avoid my discussion about smoking. I am not complaining to you to stop smoking. I will never ask you to do that. It is your life, your rules.Do whatever you want! Live the way you love to be.
People say smoking is injurious to health. I don’t believe it. Because smoking is just one thing. There are lots of other reasons to count on which affects health. It is believed that smokers die early. I don’t believe that either. As I have seen non-smokers die early too. We often watch some smoking scenes in movies/series, wherein the character who smokes has actually got some strong attitude. We also see small blur statement in the corners, “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health”. Who cares about that statement right? Look at the attitude in the scene; we are already inspired by the scene that smoking gives the appearance of some kick-ass attitude. We even notice some writers saying what keeps them awake is coffee and a pack of cigarettes which refreshes their mind to come up with stories to be written on.

I met a girl today. She is 15 and already smoking a pack per day. She told me that she is looking forward to having a singing career. Anyone of us could predict she may not achieve her dream. Because smoking affects voice quality. It gives you a nasty voice. Someone told her that few singers do smoke. But that someone agreed to our discussion that people use machines to give good quality for the recorded voice. You know you can be popular with machine quality voice, but recording a natural voice song is much blessing. They say it is difficult to give birth to a child when a couple or one of them smokes a lot. I don’t believe it completely. Although most couples go through the same situation, I have seen some people have well-born children.


Honey, you are in your late teens and underdeveloped society or some friends around you may call you as a bad girl. Every time you smoke, all of them might give you a hatred look. You may have friends to hang out and all of you are probably enjoying having weeds together. It’s all fun until you cross the limit. I am not stopping you from smoking my sweetheart. There is something more to smoking and drinking.

Death is not the scariest thing. The worst thing is to lose your mind and self -respect. Smoking leads to losing a good memory and patience at the earliest for many people. It plays with your emotions. It is possible for some smart people to lose their common sense too.  They may talk a lot about the things that do not make sense. They lose interest in jobs or life and are always under stress. They can not find happiness apart from drinks & puff. You may think that you love your boyfriend a lot today and you will not love a pack of cigars more than him. I can bet you, dear, that yes, smoking is an addiction. Once you get trapped in addiction, no love is greater than smoking for the majority of smokers. You will start looking for money every time to buy more packs and drinks. Travelling is the most fun for lots of people out there. But for smokers, they will be happy; if you just give them a pack. But they will not be happy if kept away from smoking. The mind gets used to it. It never gives you peace of mind. And one fine day you are lost, totally lost and no one can help you out. I wrote this earlier, ‘It plays with your emotions.’. It will affect your temper badly. You do see warning everywhere and some pictures of how physically it affects the body. When your friends grow up and you all get separated ,you may not find the same kind of people again. If you ever get affected physically then do not feel shy to go in public or suffer the physical pain because despite warnings  you have chosen to live like this. When you cross the limit of smoking  ,stress and anger will be your only 2 best friends forever. Smokers and non smokers can have same type of diseases. But,prolong smoking can change the person’s mental peace in the long term. I don’t want to put you in a cage and impose my principles to  you.You are set free to choose a better life or astray.  Rest I will be always there for you but I can not assure of your mind status.Society might call me as a bad parent for not restricting you from smoking. The choice is all yours πŸ™‚ to live a better life or not . 

#Fictional Letter
Note: This is a fiction letter written on the basis of the people who lost their good life, smartness, and people because of a smoking habit. Smoking is not good for all the genders. The polluted air of smoking affects children, old age people and low immune people at a fast pace. If you don’t want to save your life, please save other innocents πŸ™‚ Here, the letter was specifically written for the daughter.




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  1. This is amazingly deep! I agree with the smoking kills especially your wallet and more of your health too

  2. Ugh! It would be so hard to deal with an offspring that smokes. Especially one in complete denial about how BAD IT IS for him/her!!!!

  3. You, Me and Benny says:

    Wow how emotional!!! And what a great thing to post to help people quit!!

  4. lauragetsrichinhealth says:

    Great letter for anyone to read but heartfelt from a parent to daughter. πŸ’•

  5. I think you touch on the points that are often overlooked. thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a good letter. I do hope my kids never smoke. Or vape. Both are equally gross. I never did, or their father, so I hope they follow that path.

  7. My daughter has asthma from second hand smoke. When I was pregnant with her I was a server in the smoking section of a restaurant so I do wish for people not to smoke.

    1. That’s so bad Tara . So sorry to know this. Yes, second hand smoke has affected people.

  8. sikandar khan says:


  9. I feel that it is your experiences you want to pass on to your daughter, i find it smart way

  10. That would be so hard to deal with. My ex-husband smoked and it was the cause of MANY of our fights, considering I lost two grandparents to lung cancer.

  11. Both of my parents were smokers, it is a habit I am glad I never picked up. My husband is a social/stress smoker, I hope our children take after me and don’t pick up the bad habit.

    1. That’s nice Luna to know how you kept yourself firm and yes I wish your children follow you 😊

  12. Passion Piece says:

    I’m so happy about the fact I’m not addicted to smoking cigarettes. We should value our health. I would definitely write such a letter to my daughter if I had one! πŸ™‚

  13. I used to smoke and I know my parents hated it. One day I was at the dentist and they told me it was effecting my teeth and I walked out lit a cigarette handed the rest to my Mum and said this is my last one.

    I had tried to quit many times before and never managed, to keep it up – although I had done up to 6 months at times.

    Walking out of the dentist was 9 years ago now.

  14. Thanks for sharing this fictional letter. I am lucky enough that my partner had quit smoking ever since we started our relationship together

  15. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    Tha k God no body smokes in the family.

  16. You are an open minded parent who know the problem and have figured out a solution for it. Thats really great of you.

  17. Junell DuBois says:

    I have never understood smoking. Why do people even want to try it? It smells bad, tastes bad, makes everything around or on your smell, you have to go outside… there is nothing attractive about it anymore.

  18. sikandar khan says:

    smoking is not good for health and also its a bad habit, but i love to smoke πŸ˜›

  19. I understand you completely. My partner smokes and it’s an addiction I’d like him to quit, as it’s bad for him ultimately, and I want him to be around for a long time!

  20. I have coworkers who smoke and they know that I don’t like it when they smoke. However, it is there their choice to smoke but I just don’t want them to be my grandma, she died because of heart failure due to smoking.

    1. Yes, I have friends who do the same and some of us tried to change them for their health purpose but now we let them be themselves.

  21. Alexandra Cook says:

    I used to be a smoker. Letting go of the habit was the hardest and easiest thing to do.

  22. It’s a rough time for parents. But you did a great job in writing this letter and making feel every word from it.

  23. I am happy I quite smoking! It is a nasty habbit!

  24. This is so touchy letter! I do smoke before but in the few months I quit smoking because smoking can kill you softly and that time I’m not totally addicted so I control myself to quit smoking.

  25. I don’t know how I’d react in your shoes. I myself have never smoked and no one in my household does either. Great post.

  26. This post is quite deep. Cigarette industries kill their best costumers and those who smoke heavily are highly likely to develop serious maladies.

  27. Terri Ramsey Beavers says:

    This is a heartfelt letter and it needs to be shared. Smoking does change peoples voices over time and it’s really a bad idea for anyone, especially someone who sings. And then there is the health side of smoking.

  28. monidipa51 says:

    Believe me, if I had read this post 3 years back I would have disliked it but now I am 25 and I know how smoking works and I agree with everything in this post.

  29. I am going to let my husband read this. He is a smoker and I tried my best to tell him to stop smoking but it falls on his deaf ear. Don’t know how to approach this.

  30. There’s no question that smoking is horrible for you. But there’s only so much you can do when it comes to others choices. You’re child has to be allowed to make mistakes when they are old enough to make theot own choices. At some point being there for them is all we can do.

  31. Elizabeth O says:

    Its really hard to quit but all it takes is the willingness to change.

  32. Princess Quinn says:

    Ugh, bunch of bad things smoking can do to you. I think it’s friends and peer pressure that contributes for someone to decide to give it a go. Pretty pretty bad.

  33. swathiiyer says:

    Smoking is dangerous, it is not only harmful for the person who smokes but also can cause passive smoking to others around her or him. Teaching kids about the dangers of smoking is important.

  34. At first I thought why are you writing this kind of letter to your daughter …. then I got to the end and realised your angel – very smart πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I wrote at the end that it is fictional letter. πŸ˜‰ I am not mother and so don’t have daughter too 😊 Thank you for read 🧑

  35. You are a very sweet and patient parent. Byt in our asian home, an open letter doesnt work. Asian parent chose to act asap.

    1. Hehe Blair I am not a parent. I am just a writer and it is the fictional letter written by me πŸ™‚

  36. Beautifully written. I hope people understand how bad smoking can be.

  37. Smoking is such a terrible habit and the younger you begin the harder it can be to quit.

  38. I know that smoking is really bad habit and it’s hard to quit because my mom and sister smoked and they quit 19 years ago! Together πŸ™‚ they chose same date so they could support each other

  39. I have a sibling who smokes, bringing up any kind of conversation about it is so harddddd and you can easily get such remarks as being judgmental, bigotry and all. This makes me feel really bad and sorry at the same time. I have written countless letters as this in my journal in hopes that someday I might have the courage to have a conversation about this.

    1. So sorry to know this. Me and my friends had tried hard to change one friend but we gave up as she started hating us.

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