Random: I am judging you.
Me : Ok
Random: Oh, she doesn’t react.
Me: I said, I am okay with it.
Random: Ohh, she is getting angry
Me: I am not angry
Random: being diplomatic
Me: no, I am not. Stop assuming about me.
Random: she is defending
Me : no, I am not defending. I said ok.
Random: she is arguing
Me: I said ok, Judge me.I don’t care
Random: definitely cares
Me: (silence)
Random: stays silent..avoiding
Me: (cranky voice) how should I react, you tell me
Random : ohh, what a weak person. Someone else should tell, how to behave. Can’t take own decisions.
Me : I can take own decisions. Stop bothering me. Go away.
Random: what a rude girl!
Me: oki sorry, for my high tone.could you please leave the room? I need some space.
Random : What a selfish girl!
Me: Huh
Random: what an attitude person !
Me : (takes long breathe !)
Random : oh, she took long breathe. Shows how impatient she is.

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