Journey Or Destination?


While we are traveling for a tour,

we know the destination will be amazing.

But, I like to stop often and capture the photos,

photos of nature’s beauty,

photos of transitional weather and clouds,

photos of different paths,

talk to the strangers,

capture their natural expressions,

capture the culture,

play with street animals,

capture the different faces of the world.

Sometime I feel,

Its Okay , if I am late to the destination


It’s Okay if I don’t reach the destination

at the expected time.

I just want to travel for living

those moments on the journey.

I want to travel more for the journey

than the destination

And that’s how our life is!

Life is a journey and not a destination


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17 thoughts on “Journey Or Destination?

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  1. I definitely agree that you should enjoy the journey. It’s taken me a few trips, but I try not to let things like minor delays or the weather upset me anymore because you never know what exciting thing might happen next!

  2. This is well-written! This reminds me to enjoy the process. We don’t need to rush life. We need to live in the moment. ^^

  3. Eileen M Loya says:

    Life itself is a journey. We may travel different paths and make memories along the way. The destination is not that important. It is those little things we encounter along the way that we should be thankful for. I love this post. You are a very good writer!

  4. Love the quote and the poem! I totally agree with you. Sometimes I will explore without a destination and enjoy the journey.

  5. Elena Toma says:

    This is such a beautiful way of traveling, taking time to speak to strangers, knowing the culture and the place you visit. We always tend to rush in life and miss the little things, that makes life exciting and beautiful.

  6. Such a beautiful poem! My biggest problem is this “expected time” that I created by myself.

  7. Such a beautiful reminder for everyone to enjoy life everyday. Little things also matter.

  8. Alexandra Cook says:

    What a lovelu post. This only shows how beautiful our life that we need to enjoy every moment in it.

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