Is Life Fair Or Unfair?


At some point of our life, we feel life is unfair to us. We often come across the circumstances wherein we ask ,”Why me?“. We feel, why these are not happening with others. We compare ourselves with others which leads to the conclusion, life is unfair to us. Yes, we cannot deny that each one of us are living different journey. For some reason, some people really go through unfair paths. On the other hand, it is possible to avoid some of the unfair times.

There are two main factors affecting our life status:
Internal decisions and External environment.

Internal Decisions:

Half of the problems are created by our own choices. Suppose we plan to do something and it does not work out well. We don’t look for other options. When it comes with job choice, the world is so wide and population is around 7.71 billion (by Feb 2019). When there is more population, there is more demand. We can always plan new work. We can add new skills to our portfolio and apply for new jobs. We have strong competition in every stream. But, there is always a way to shine up with uniqueness.

We go through a financial crisis. Sometimes we won’t have enough of amount to pay our medical emergency bills. We live in debts. We need to look out for the number of opportunities , that can help us save the money. We should spend wisely. We can buy the things we need and sell the things we don’t need anymore. We should keep track of properties value and stock exchange prices. Selling things on right time can give us better economy support. We could invest in better plans with thorough research. Investing anywhere without detailed knowledge can incur in losses. We should teach our family about financial terms and benefits, which will make them responsible.

Take initiative as and when required. If you try to take initiative in everything, others will not realize their roles. Indulge more in living practically that will help in solving issues easily. Sometimes, the problems are not big. Our perceptions and emotions change it into a complicated matter.


External Environment:

Maybe the government rules are restricting us from applying to our chosen job opportunities. Maybe some corrupted people are looting us through investment plans. Maybe our family member’s behavior is affecting our health. Maybe due to the job hours, we are unable to give time for ourselves. Maybe we are not mentally fit, because we had been stronger for a long time.

The external environment will go against us throwing up unexpected events in our life. That’s the reason we hear the quote, “Life is full of surprises.” Sometimes the surprises can shook us. Everything affects everything. When we are affected by external factors, our reactions will affect our next steps. But, we can try our best to manage the things as much as possible by ourselves.

When we are cooking a spicy dish. Sometimes the dish becomes too much spicy (chilli taste). We don’t feel like eating it. To balance the mixture, we can add a bit of salt and bit of sugar.  In the similar manner, instead of weeping over the real reasons of unfair life, we have to start adding things to make it fair.

What tips you would like to share to make life much easier? Share it in the comment box.

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  1. Cristina Petrini says:

    Most of the time it is unfair, but then it is up to us to bring order and see justice in that chaos.

  2. The older I get the more I can see “the bigger picture”. But when I was younger I did have periods when I felt that life was unfair. Some people seem to go through so much more. In my experience, there are those who accept their fate and work with it and thus can keep their head high and their smile beaming.

  3. I think life likes to be unfair or at least we see it that way, perhaps it really is being fair we just don’t see it that way?

  4. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I think that during those times when we feel life if unfair are the times when we learn a lot. We become more mature, more responsible, and more resilient to life’s twists and turns. Life does not always go the way we want it to be, so the best we can do is to make adjustments to ease the burden and pain, and move on.

  5. The best advice I can give is be kind to yourself and others and stay humble. We are all trying our best in this world.

  6. I loved and enjoyed reading. So relevant all the more in today’s world when we are constantly facing challenges and competition. Positive self talk is the best way forward.

  7. Life is truly unfair if we tend to perceive it that way. But if we meditate the purpose and be contented and happy, we would then say.. life is always a blessing.

  8. Life is fair. We have different perspective. Its how we define how our life could be.

  9. Unfair and fair is always debatable. I think it is mostly situation. Mostly it is unfair since at every step it has to teach a lesson.

  10. Alexandra Cook says:

    Life is not about being fair or unfair. We create our future. If life means unfair that means you do nothing to make it fair.

  11. I love the message here. Life is indeed full of surprises. We need to remember to keep our head up and keep going.

  12. Life to me has been fair even though sometimes it seem unfair, as regards the fact that everything that has happened to me has been a result of either my planing to or not planing at all, but most of the time it fair to me.

  13. Elizabeth O says:

    Life is both fair and unfair. The answer is not one or the other. For those who have everything, it is perfect, and for those struggling to get ahead it is not. That is life.

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