Irony of my life


I sacrificed my own life values for the ones
who said,” Your existence does not matter “
I created the reason to be happy forever for someone
who said, “Your life is not important . You are single.It is ok if you die. “
I was hurt in a physical manner but, I was more hurt mentally.
I chose to survive and still sacrifice for the ones who hurt me.
The one who damaged me permanently.
I was a caregiver to the one who misjudged me as their future burden.
A little I received with selfish motives
yet I was questioned
so I returned with interest .
Even a bit they did not realize ,
they were receiving unlimited help from me
that they can never repay it back in their life.
I was humiliated, abused,and destroyed by the one
who asked me to apologize for the sins
not created by me but done on me.
The one who created traumatic days for me
lives happily by leaving own responsibility on me.
How do people live happy life by taking away
happiness from someone else’s life ?
Every hour I wonder , I question in my mind,
how much ungrateful some people can be ?
When I love helping every person in need ,
I wondered is there a regret for
wasting my time and energy
for the/an undeserved person ?

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