Invisible Cell

“I live with the ones
who are like sharp thorns
that cut me off sharply
or pricks me up all the time.
I endeavour my best to cross
the insurmountable barriers,
that pulled me back and
locked me up in an unfathomable cell.
The kind helpers like angels
struggled all their ways
that could help me out to
come out of this entangled loophole.
The evilness in here is so vicious
penned up in rusty chains,
that no one could break
the invisible doors.
I wore a beautiful happy mask
to tell another idenity,
when I denied the mask,
I had a sinner tracking me.
I dared to tell the stories
of my life to a stranger,
but I holded the mask again
to tell who I am not.
I looked around
with the fearful eyes,
I looked at others
with the high hopes,
The same eyes needed
to rest for long nights,
even though the dark circles
will never vanish.”

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