Inspirational Birds

Live life like birds!!!

Live Life like birds

Birds are a natural delight to watch. I can spend immense time watching their awe of natural grace. I believe birds are really the magnificent creature.

Sing like birds!

Sing like a bird!

Waking up to the early chirping sound brings the smile on my face, thereby motivating me to begin a peaceful morning. Who needs an alarm clock, when you are surrounded by singing birds?

Dance like birds!

Dance like a bird

When the sun sets at the dawn, we can see flocks of birds flying back to their homes. As the evening gets ready for the slow and steady sunset, the sky becomes the stage for the birds. They fly in the same direction by taking different forms which ultimately add beauty to the sky. It feels as if all of them are trained by a great choreographer. The chirping cheerful birds play together in the green trees while nibbling their food. It is fascinating to see the leafless trees are camouflaged by the tiny green birds. The view when they all fly at once, dance around and sit back is stunning.

Incredible Talent

Incredible Talent

These amazing creatures have the default interior designer cum engineer talent. The varied engineered kind of nests with all the materials bought from hidden sources astonishes us with their creativity. It is not doddle to shape the long sticks into a circular format. If you ever get a chance then observe how much effort these birds take to build their “Home Sweet Home”. I love weaver birds work, as the name implies they create woven nests.

Never give up !

Never Give Up

Although there is no guarantee for their nest’s safety. Due to natural calamities or even heavy winds, the nests get destroyed. Most of the times, humans are responsible for demolishing birdies home. If you could observe what these birds do when their nests are damaged, you will be inspired enough to see their will power. They don’t change the place immediately or stop rebuilding it. These birds continue to create nests in the same place ,no matter how many times it has been destroyed. They got this:”I don’t care what others do . I will never give up.” attitude.

Parenting a bliss!

Parenting is a bliss

 It is indeed a remarkable movement to watch parent birds teach their tiny child to walk and fly. These poor birds cannot hold their child to protect them from flying to unsafe zones. I have noticed how uncontrollable a child was and its parents had to chase a lot. Also, as the human baby’s every moment is cherished, in the same way, it is an applause moment for baby bird’s first flight. When the child begins learning to fly,  its excitement makes parents more difficult to stop it from exploring the unexplored surrounding.

There is always a solution to the problem.

 There is always a solution to the problem.

Birds have the ability to migrate to different places during circumstances such as, scarcity of food & water. We humans need to learn from birds how to come out of vulnerabilities and make changes when things are not working in the way it should be. Teamwork is one of the most quality of life to be learned from these flocks of birds.

Birds soar high in the air and look for prey because they can get the right view from a far point. In a similar way, sometimes we got to step back and have a different perception to the situations to get the right conclusion.

Free Rent For Birds

Balconies and windows are made for birds. They can visit anytime, stay free of cost and leave whenever they want. We may get annoyed with pigeons shit everywhere and their unwanted nests. Probably, the only thing we can learn from this is, be wanderlust ! Go anywhere, stay temporarily and leave whenever you want.

Shit like birds!

Shit Happens

Unknowingly birds shit on humans. But, knowingly shit on cars πŸ˜›  We can take this statement in two ways. Firstly, we see people who poke their nose in other’s business. Those are the people who shit like birds. Secondly, don’t think  what others say about you. Ignore them and do what you want! Shit on them and move on πŸ˜‰

Freedom is the best thing.

Freedom is the best thing.

Honestly, just live life like a bird. Fly wherever you want and set yourself free from the cage. Take a leap of faith and cherish the adventurous journey. πŸ™‚



What made me write this post?

My friend said, “All the time, I had  been looking for an ideal and today I feel birds are my inspiration to live life in the most beautiful way.” This line itself made me write a blog about inspirational birds through my observation and experiences.

Thought for the life

If we can learn so much through birds, then definitely in return we can do a small favor for them by keeping a bowl of food & another bowl of water every day.



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  1. Hmmmmmm. Indeed , very well written . We should be like birds, spreading our wings & soaring to such heights as we dream of & flying to those unknown destinations.

  2. Michael David Oyco says:

    I want to fly like a bird too but you really got me on the last one. made me laugh lol

  3. Terri Ramsey Beavers says:

    I want to live my life like a bird. They are abosolutlely amazing. I have my windows open at the moment listening to them sing. Birds are always happy, they adapt so well to situations unlike us humans.

  4. withcurlsandcocktailsblog says:

    I wish that I didn’t dislike birds so much because this post is great. I parked my car in a terrible spot last week and came out to it completely covered. They probably knew I don’t like birds.

  5. I actually really like this, haha I have always been envious of birds and how free they are. Love the “free rent’ part hahahaha

  6. This post made me laugh, especially the final section. We can learn a lot from birds.

  7. inmyprime50 says:

    Interesting idea. We have bald eagles here and there is a spot around the lake that you can see them swoop down and catch fish–it’s really fun to watch.

  8. This isn’t the first time I heard someone says to live like a bird. When I was young old people used to tell us this, to tell us that life is so precious to worry about mundane things.

  9. I wish I could fly like a bird πŸ™‚

  10. Okay I love this. At first I thought it would be super inspirational and I kept reading and it got funnier as I went on. Love the idea behind this and makes us view life a little differently! Great post!

  11. Awwe. This was such a lovely read. I love looking at birds. They teach us to believe in ourselves and soar high. I am saving it. It actually made my day. So grateful for the post.

  12. Blairvillanueva says:

    Like birds, I love to travel and visit many places. But after my travel season, I always find my way back home.

  13. Great post. I agree we should live more like birds. My wife loves to watch them. She has three feeders and bird bath out front for them. They’re very pleasant and incredible creatures, minus the shit. lol

  14. I never realized how inspirational birds are until I read this post! Love it!

  15. Amazing! I particularly love how birds welcome a new day with enthusiasm. I personally choose to live like an eagle- sees further, flies higher and gets what it wants!

  16. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    To be like a bird, free to roam and spread its wings! I wish I could be like that. There are lessons we can learn just by observing things around us, and in your case, you watched how birds live. If only they could talk, then their life would be perfect!

  17. Birds are great aren’t they?! We should really take more inspiration from birds!

  18. Marjie Mare says:

    I always say I wish I was like a bird and make people happy as birds always make me smile whenever I see them. I enjoy reading your post.

  19. Agnes Dela Cruz says:

    I love how inspirational the things I read here. If only we can be free and live like a bird, that would be awesome.

  20. Alexandra Cook says:

    THis is such a lovely and very inspiring post. I love the comparison. Fly like a bird, its like chasing our dreams.

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