Innocence got trolled- Short Tale

A tensed atmosphere over a silly thing
I was sitting on the recliner and having food while watching outside the window. I saw the mobile lying on the middle of the road. I quickly finished my food and meanwhile, also told parents. It was a black color.My father was about to go but since, he is not too good with mobile.He had to wait until I go. Meanwhile my mother was already in panic mood. Whose mobile it is.. Someone will steal it.. What if someone gets access to their bank.. go fast and bring it back.. Now, the atmosphere was already tensed as if it’s our own personal loss. Although, I kept requesting my mother to calm down , she could not. By the time, our upper neighbour parked the car, right beside the mobile. He picked it and threw it away. Now, this was unexpected as he is a good person.

So, I told parents. I guess, it is broken. Let it go. My mother could not keep quiet. She started saying, don’t know how costly it will be and what all important information it might contain. Need to help the person somehow. Whatever she was saying was all true and something, most of us are aware of it. By the time, the beside neighbor were standing near their gate and discussing about the mobile. I stopped myself from getting outside. Because, the lady has the habit of poking us or anyone unnecessarily. She says things loudly against anyone which is not true. Ultimately, I could expect from her to call me as a robber. As she had already said loudly, if anyone picks up then their chor (Thief). Meanwhile, my father had higher imagination. We cannot keep it at our place because the location will be tracked and they might think, we are the robbers. We should give it to police station and also mention all our details.
Well, in police station the complaint of loss of mobile is not registered then on what basis will someone honestly work on returning the mobile to the respective owner. Both parents had serious discussion over it and also heated arguments. As an expertise at manipulating, my mother made me feel guilty. Finally, I asked them to close the topic. We all are fighting over third party issue and probably, that mobile does not even work. As I got back to laptop to do some work, I was already having guilty thoughts. Co-incidently, I had to step out for some work. Then I saw there is random ball in our yard so I removed and kept it visible to whosmever it belongs. Then, I walked to that corner, where the mobile was thrown. The beside neighbor already told her hubby that I am stealing it. I saw a green sticker on the back cover along with smallest broken part of mobile. In my mind: Oh no, it’s back flipped. The glass must be broken. I picked it up only to know there is no mobile. It was just a cover and that small broken piece.

All the innocence of helping someone and guilt feeling and finally making it happen, only to know that there was never any mobile, it was just a cover.

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