Excessive day dreaming is unhealthy,
But, that’s all I do….
I live more in an imaginary world,
Because that’s all I can do….
When the quote says:
“Only you are responsible for your own happiness, outer world should not affect.”
I lived more in my imagination
as that’s where I could be happy,
as that’s where I could find the ones,
I want to be with.
I create stories in mind:
The joy that’s full of love and fun,
the sorrows that gets resolved,
the dreams that can never be lived in real,
yet the place where someone has freed my wings.
These are the stories,
filled with real emotions,
most characters that I never met before,
home : where I want to be,
places: where I want to make real happy memories,
surprises and smiles all over the atmosphere,
All packed in a nutshell of my little imagination world.
Perhaps, it’s an infinite power of overthinking.
-ShubhiPatil (

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  1. Dreaming have an infinite power, more than we think, it influence a lot about our lives!…

    Thank you for that post, lovely

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