In Search Of Justice !


gathered all my hopes up,
I became the strongest person again.
I decided not to give up.
I demurred,
I was searching for justice.
I had the right requirements to qualify
but, I was rejected.
Bribe made things easier for someone.
Fake proofs were termed real.
Maybe Deplorable.
Silly me, I was searching for justice.

I had all the proofs,
I had supportive people,
I was on the right path,
but I was searching for justice.

Many lawyers were murdered,
murder cases turned as absurd suicides,
alibis vanished,
but, I was searching for justice.

Bold journalists were shot,
proofs were buried,
the story was remade abruptly,
but, I was searching for justice.

Nations hosted meetings,
Dealing were done,
Innocent armies
sacrificed their life.
Why not seek justice?

Rape victims were banished,
Rapists were absolved  & worshipped,
matter of life & death,
matter of having fun,
but, I was searching for justice.

Poor got poorer paying the pennies,
Rich got richer by exempting from taxes.
Charity was the way to exemptions and needers.
Politics played the best game.
Looting became a fantasy.
I was searching for justice.

The actual prisoners get the luxury life,
The innocent prisoners die in hell.
How can I not search for justice.?

Culprit was given VIP protection,
Witness was attacked multiple times,
Yes ! I am in search of justice.

The battle of fair and unfair,
The battle of theist  & atheist,
The quarrels in mind,
Yet , I was searching for justice.

The wars are plotted.
The innocents are slaughtered.
The criminals are winning.
The helpers are crawling.
I could not acclimate,
Hence, I am searching for justice.

Deceivers framed themselves
as God/Goddess/Gurus.
Received unlimited blind followers.
Innocents were calumniated,
Hope there is justice out there.

Astrologers beating scientists,
Solution to all problems!
No one saw future,
But, astrologers earned the future
emptying coward’s pockets.
I am searching for Justice in every inch.

Battles for water resources,
Battles for food supplies,
Battles for land rights,
Unforgotten we are all same humans,
Our roots are the same.
Ergo, who has found real justice?

Good people will give rise
to more good people.
Bad people will end
at one time of era.
It’s not the fable,
It’s the reality,
Into  the abyss,
I can’t stop searching for justice.

Alas ! I am not looking for someone
with the name Justice.


Bullying & the side effects !


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  1. This is such a deep poem, well written. It can be so hard to find justice at times, to believe that things will get better.

  2. What is justice? It is a complex and articulated concept that should by its nature be guaranteed to all living beings, a pity that it is not always the case.

  3. Really deep thoughts. It is really sad that justice is not granted when it should be and is often misused. Lovely way of penning it down!!

  4. You wrote a wonderful poem here. Everyone deserves justice, and sadly not everyone will get it.

  5. AnotherFoodBlogger says:

    Such a great poem! Wish I could write as well as you

      1. This is such a deep and inspiring poem! It is so how amazing how you can journal your thoughts in such a n interesting, captivating and engaging way.

  6. So much depth in this. So poignant. I was lost in it for a while.

  7. That’s a deep poem. I enjoyed reading it. I also like your writing style. I write stories, but I don’t think I could write poems like you!

  8. successunscrambled says:

    It is such a comprehensive poem. Justice is important and benefits everyone in society. It is up to all of us to do our part in this complex world and stand up for what is right rather than for what is acceptable.

  9. This is such a well written piece. Doing right and making sure we stand up for what is right is very important. -Jessica Martin

  10. This is such a deep well written poem. it is true that whenever people get closer to the truth, they start to be seen as a threat and a lot of journalist get killed for that. Shame because it is truth that helps societies evolve for the better

  11. Alexandra Cook says:

    What a great and bold piece! Justice and never giving up are two exhilarating topics!

  12. What a deep poem on justice. Such emotion and depth to your words.

  13. Hmmm I also do want justice for the emotional abuses that I have received growing up. But now, I would rather forgive and then ignore. My path to healing and happiness.

  14. Beautiful poetry there. So much going on in the world it often feels like justice cannot be found.

  15. Great and touching post you’ve shared. The quest for justice is always full of so much ups and downs and unfortunately, sometimes the right ones never get the justice they deserve.

  16. what a beautifully, well-thought out written poem that speaks of the search for justice, how imbalanced and ambiguous it can be in reality.

  17. Wow. Deep and we’ll written. I love it

  18. Deep poem, and very well-written. Justice is so complex and because of the complexity it’s true definition is different to so many people.

  19. This is such a powerful poem, and you use some very moving examples. to highlight its purpose. We can only hope that justice eventually comes, in one shape or form.

  20. Junell DuBois says:

    Such a deep and meaningful poem. I always admire people who can write poetry.

  21. You wrote a beautiful and deep poem, I always enjoy visiting your site to read your new work.

  22. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    Deep poem which touches my inner soul. Great read. Thanks for sharing.

  23. OMG! it’s awesome!!!!!!!!! As a poet, as a reader, as a person, I truly love what you write.. Every time when I read your blog I have a great feeling πŸ™‚ Thank you. This is a honest comment πŸ™‚ Happy blogging

  24. I love this beautiful poem. It is quite deep and meaningful.

  25. What a beautiful written poem. Justice nowadays is like a precious jewel but it is hard to find.

  26. themlndlrdad says:

    Awesome poem, well written good job!

  27. Such a well written piece. You have great talent.

  28. This poem is so beautiful! You put your heart into this!

  29. blair villanueva says:

    Very powerful and emotional words. And you wrote so well!

  30. kendallbird0622 says:

    Wonderful poem and very well written.

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