I am unblessed and I don’t know why !

1 year back, I faced life risk situation. I was on death bed. I did not have my family, friends or any relatives beside me. Even in serious conditions, I had to see parents were busy with their fights. They don’t realize to love me , to take care of me. No one could feed me or provide food to me. No one was ever there for me to show little pinch of love. I had been through major life risk situation multiple times. In the past some years, 5 major fighting with life in those dying moment, surviving isn’t easy every time. Most painful thing is selfish family and friends. Learned  after surviving  that I continue to be there for everyone but no one ever there for me. Most hurting thing is no one even wants to know what happened to me. No one even wants to listen in detail what I went through. I never realized how much inhuman people have become. I learnt me being alive did not matter to the ones who were consistently taking help from me. I am not writing this in good langguage and grammatic words just that I would rather vent a lot here but for now leaving this piece of note in short. A reminder to me that in the past years no one was there for me and no one will ever be there for me. Perhaps, I never belonged here. I would like to write different cruelty chapters I faced in my life. It’s just I lose interest thinking no one would read just like how no one would ever listen.

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