Humanity Restored

Life In A Metro City

The city known for a traffic jam is the spot for beggars or poor people at the traffic signal. Not all beggars are part of gangs or exploited by illegal groups. Some are old people who have no place to stay. Their poor financial wealth makes them ask for money on the streets.

Just like a normal day, the traffic signal showed stop sign for 15 minutes. The roads were broad. I was sitting in an auto-rickshaw. While waiting in there, I was just watching the people, the buildings, and the traffic.
I noticed an old lady wrapped in an old torn Saree. She had south Indian traditional attire. She was knocking windows of every vehicle, thereby, asking for money to have food. Many two wheelers and four wheelers avoided her.
She got disappointed and walked away from the road. She was going back somewhere on the side platform.
Within a moment, signal showed the start light. All the vehicles rushed to move on.
A man in a sedan car called a person on the bike. This man gave some cash to that person on a bike and pointed him to pass it to that lady.

While all the vehicles were rushing in a hurry, the lady was already walking in the opposite direction of vehicles on walking lane platform.
The man on the bike parked his bike beside, ran a bit and gave the amount to other man and asked him to give it to that lady.
This other man was sitting on the backseat of another bike.
This man got off and walked a short distance. He passed it to the man on the bicycle and told the same.
The bicycle man parked his cycle and ran towards the lady.
Finally, the lady received the cash.
She did not know who gave her originally. As all the people who helped her in the chain had already moved on in the traffic.
In the whole scenario, everyone struggled in the main traffic place to give the money to that lady. This proves happiness lies in giving. This proves humanity still exists. The rich or the middle class or the poor, everyone tried to help the old lady.

Here, is the best part. The three men who helped in passing on the money were one of those people who denied helping her earlier. Probably, they were also struggling with money or not financially wealthy. Giving away is not possible by everyone. But they made their action instantly right by passing the cash to the lady. I am glad that I could witness this beautiful moment while my auto-rickshaw got stuck in one side of the traffic lane.
One person’s helping gesture can change the surrounding people.

_______THE END_______

The Old Lady In A Small City
House photo by Thgusstavo Santana

One of the family goes often for the vacation. During their absence, an old lady comes to clean the front and back yard daily. She is the maid of the house. We often notice, maids don’t do their work well in presence of owners. But, this old lady is a trustworthy person. Her weight is visibly less than 40 kg and age is 65 plus. Be it any season, she never stops working. She will not have jackets or sweaters to keep her warm. She comes everyday morning and waters plants by lifting buckets of water. She checks all the plants in the garden neatly. Throws the plants that has got infected. She cleans the front yard and backyard by mopping and sweeping. She spends around 2 hours in keeping the whole house surrounding clean. She could have skipped this work when no one is around. But, she chooses to do it with all the interest and efforts.

People like her are the inspirations and motivators. They work hard and don’t depend on others. Whether or not anyone watches them, they continue to do their work. Being responsible is one thing, we all need to be.

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  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    The first story is very inspiring as it teaches us that one act of kindness can multiply a hundred fold. The second story teaches us about integrity, that we must do honest work even if no one is looking. Thank you for this nice read today. It uplifted my spirits and yes, I still have faith in humanity.

  2. Such an inspirational story! I often struggle with whether or not to give to the homeless because so many in my area have been known to actually be scam artists, but I am very glad this lady got some help.

  3. musingsandadventureswriter says:

    Both stories are lovely. I always feel so sorry for elderly beggars and try to give change if I have.

  4. Loved the absolute simplicity of the stories. Its something that we can all relate to when staying in big cities!

  5. I love both stories but I found the first one very touching. We should all help, it is imo our duty to help the other person.

  6. It is inspiring to see people who keep doing what they are doing, even when no one is watching. It is motivating to keep doing the right things. And those people who gave money away would likewise be an inspiration to others to look out for others needs.

  7. Two very gripping stories. Yes there is so much pleasure in giving and there are a lot of honest hardworking people around us. We need to acknowledge good work.

  8. Sometimes it’s a simple act of kindness that makes a bigger difference in someone’s life than you realize. I have my own community group and it’s sad that people are in need of the basics (tooth brush, shampoo, soap) that we often take for granted. I love this message!

  9. What an interesting blog post. I enjoy reading stories like these here. Thanks for sharing! They have inspired me to be better.

  10. What a beautiful story! Is so sad to see people struggling to cover basic needs. And yes, sometimes is hard for all of us to donate or contribute, but I’ve always believed that there’s always a way to help and to give. Maybe not economically, but we can donate our time and our help. Instead of tossing the clothes that I don’t wear any more, I like to donate it to others in need. Thanks for sharing this wonderful lesson!

    Candace Hampton

  11. You don’t need a lot of money to help the beggars or poor people instead giving with kindness of heart can save a lot of people This story makes me feel inspired.

  12. This is really inspiring. It teaches us to be kind. My mom always taught me to help those less fortunate people and I’m so glad to have born from a very generous family.

  13. We need more of these feel good inspirational stories. There are a lot of great people in this world and unfortunately we hear more about the bad then good. Thanks for sharing.

  14. It is so true that everyone may not be able to give actual cash but everyone can give a little of themselves. And show their integrity because none of them tired to make off with the money themselves. I have noticed that cleaning goes better when our family is out of the way! Again, you present interesting topics — thanks for sharing!

  15. briebrieblooms says:

    Great short stories. Inspiring and fun quick reads!

  16. Elizabeth O says:

    It’s an interesting story especially because you got to witness the money exchange hands and finally reach the intended party. With each exchange something could have failed but it didn’t. I believe in destiny, what is yours is never lost.

  17. Act of kindness never goes unnoticed and am so happy and motivated after reading this post today. These stories brought smile on my face.

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