How will you remember me?

“How will you remember me, when I am gone ?”

This thought passes my mind often as I observe people around me. Each person has a different behavior. Each one of us change our behavior depending on the situations. Our actions and our words can create beautiful memories or unwanted trauma. How some people have the habit of spreading their positive vibes wherever they go ? I love such people. They are the ones who know we should make the best use of our life. On the contrary, it feels unpleasant to see some people don’t get over the habit of spreading negative vibes in every corner of the place and transfering their negative thoughts to every person’s mind.

When we talk about positive and negative vibes , it does not imply that one has to be happy all the time or one is sad all the time. The difference lies in other side of the perception.

Making sure you are being happy all the time is indeed a good habit. But, in the process of being happy , you cannot just avoid everything. We have to care for others , listen to others and be there for them. In the same way, being negative does not mean you cannot be sad. It is normal to be sad and it is normal to share your sorrow. But, being negative term means complaining all the time unnecessarily and finding ways to fight with every next person. To talk bad things about everyone and make people believe ,how we cannot trust everyone is one of the negative potion.

I believe , if each one of us begins the day with the thought of, ‘ how will everyone remember me , when I am gone ?’ , and change our actions towards good act , then maybe we will see more kindness and more love with peaceful minds.

In my 2 major surgeries, when I did not have chance to survive, I realised wish I had the chance to tell my loved ones, what I think about them. As a miracle case, I survived. I did not want to lose this chance of survival. Once again, I had to go under surgery but this time I have time to tell all not about the surgery, I wanted to tell, what they all mean to me. So, I started sending gifts, letters, messages to the important ones in my life. Be it a little listening ear help, I began posting thankful messages to those angels on social media. I always had the habit of appreciating but maybe sometimes I did not say it through words directly or publically.

My belief is that we should always appreciate everyone’s helping gesture. We should always appreciate everyone’s talent and efforts. We should be there to help others, whenever it is possible. We should be grateful to those angels who are there with us , when everything falls down.
Most of us follow this thing but, sometimes, we might miss out saying it directly to that person.

I will be sharing some of the experiences and the things I observe. Maybe some of you will relate to it. I would also like to hear your opinions and experiences in the comment section.

  1. While I had almost finished writing this article, coincidently I heard a shocking news. I am not sure whether I am doing the right thing by writing about him or not, but he has set an inspirational story. I met him for a very short time and for me he was a happy giggling- full of fun guy. He was a doctor and more than a doctor in terms of a profession. He is from my friend’s circle. All his best friends will feel the void. He was young and lost his life battling to covid as he was saving other covid patients.
    Cannot find the reason why him? He did not deserve this!
    Everyone remembers him as a laughing guy. That’s how one should live the life like a child laughing all the time and making everyone else around them also happy. He earned a huge respect and love.
    A person who created a cheerful atmosphere and a brave who fought the pandemic by giving life to others, is the person who will never leave anyone’s heart. He is gonna stay around all his dearest forever <3
    I wrote about him because he is the symbol of happiness.
    (If anyone who knows him, reads this and wants to remove this post, I will remove it.)

    We probably meet this type of person atleast one time in our life. A person who borrows money every now and then from everyone. When someone denies to give the money at some moment, then this person plans to manipulate in some way. By telling fake emergency stories, by hook or crook, such person will always find a way to get money from you. They can make you feel guilty for not helping them. It is not the form of poverty. Because this person can be a well-earning and belonging to a better financial class of living. But, the habit of looting others and spending all money on bad habits never seems to end.
    Wouldn’t it sound bad, when people just remember as someone who looted everyone will no longer loot now.

    For many decades, this person went to far villages and searched for children. He is not someone rich or financially stable man. Yet he wanted every child to get access to the education. He met many families and spoke with them , convinced them to let their children join the school. For years, this man continued bringing children and supplying food to them along with transport only for the cause of giving them the right education. He did not get salary for his work for a prolong time as teachers in different areas have to fight with the odds of govt. rules. But, his dedication towards making every child successful never stopped.
    For me, such an inspirational person, a guardian angel needs to be present every corner of the world. The world is beautiful because of such hard workers.

    A guy keeps saying that we should always talk positive things and should be always happy. He is the same guy who talks in a negative manner with other and creates bad atmosphere for everyone. What kinda irony is this? You have to be selfish to be happy. But, don’t be so selfish that you hurt everyone for your own happiness. This person wants everyone to work for him and to solve his problems. But, tells others that how dependent they are! He has the habit of yelling at others and bullying people. But, calls others as mental. He plays the two faces. Good fun loving guy around outsiders and with family he is a jerk who does not let anyone stay relaxed. He does not take anyone’s responsbilities or be there for others. Yet he will tell others not to tell your serious problems. He does not want to get any form of negativity in his life. So, to be happy, it is ok to be rude with everyone around?
    How would one remember this guy?
    The most selfish person who never gave value to other’s existence.

    A daughter sacrificed all her priorities to take care of her parents. Her parents and sister created fake story about her. They told others that she is dependent on them. She is a burden. Whereas the truth was, she even lost her health condition in the process of caring for everyone else.
    Her father say,s she is taking care of him because she wants his property. He also tells his wife that this daughter will put the poison in the food to kill them. The same father once in the public let a stranger- a man who did not have bath for ages and came directly out of gutter and physically misbehaved with her for nearly 30 mins. She tried to fight back but, her father asked her to keep quiet in the public. Yet despite of more than this story or other bad experiences, she continues to live for them.
    So, how will she remember him, when he is gone?

There is a woman who complains about outside world often. She finds faults in all the people, she meets. She has a problem with every family member. Instead of feeling blessed to have everyone love her, she could say bad about each one of them. She has everything, but she finds way to disturb the peace in the atmosphere. Whomsever helps her will still be a bad person. Perhaps, she assumes something wrong about them. She misunderstand each and every person in her life. She has her own set of rules which sounds illogical to everyone else. Yet most of them follow it just to keep the peace around her, but nothing can ever be enough for her. When she leaves the world, isn’t it sad that people will remember her more as a complainer and less as the status of relatiosnhip, she holded with them.

7. We have friends who are not really just friends. Over a period of time, they become our family. Sometimes we may not have family with us, we may not have home to stay, but we will certainly have a friend in need who will build a protection wall.
How does one remember a selfless friend, when they are gone?
Perhaps, we don’t even want such thought to pass our mind.

Some people think and I myself hear it often from someone, the more number of people attend, the more famous the person is! So, we should behave good outside to have more number of people for own funeral.
This is total ridiculous! Especially, the one who tells me this often does not behave well with the family and tries to show off outside how good this person is !

“Don’t be kind to be famous. Be kind so that you can make the peace with you and for others.” – ShubhiPatil (

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