How to control anxiety at night time?

How to control anxiety at night time

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There are levels of anxiety. At different levels, an individual experiences varied symptoms. Sometimes it is possible to control the symptoms at sooner pace. Anxiety can be reduced with the help of someone or through self-relaxing methods. There are wide reasons of developing anxiety. Hence, depending on the reason, the person may or may not need a medical treatment specifically for anxiety symptom. The duration of treatments also differ from a person to person. Some anxiety people can develop panic attacks in the future. Panic attacks again vary in symptoms, levels, and reasons. Anxiety and panic attacks occurs due to triggering event and sometimes it can happen without any reason. A hidden reason actually implies stress from excess physical work and unpleasant events stored in the subconscious mind.

Unexpected anxiety symptoms and panic attack leaves the person in a dubiety. Sometimes people may need to go through an emergency admit room or approach for an immediate set of medicines. Some people may need assistance of family member , friend or any known person. The physical presence of having someone around is helpful. But, what can one possibly do, when he/she is alone at home or any other place? How can one manage these symptoms alone at night time?

We cannot depend on others all the time. We may not be staying nearby to the hospitals for an immediate response. Unfortunately, not all hospitals accept anxiety patients. At such helpless times, these are the tips which can be followed especially at night time as well as whenever you are alone:

1] Breathe and Count the breathing

Breathing is one of the beneficial exercise to calm down our body from any kind of stress. We say count the breathe and breathe slowly. During the anxiety or panic attacks, the person’s mind is rattled in turn, signaling the physical body to feel uneasiness. Breathing helps in managing the blood pressure levels. This indirectly helps in lowering the restless thoughts. Furthermore, following yoga exercises everyday lowers the chance of having anxiety related symptoms.

2] Post Stickers

Begin sticking motivating stickers around your room. Whenever you wake up in the middle of the night with worries or when you are unable to sleep, reading the motivating stickers will relax your mind. If you cannot get easily motivated by common motivation stickers, then write your brave times on stickers/ papers. Reminding yourself of how strong you were, will help you in feeling better again. Your mind needs to be pulled out of that uncomfortable feeling and the best way is to fill it up with all positive thoughts.

3] Post Photo Frames

Similar to putting up stickers, hanging photos of yours or your loved ones will never make you feel lonely. When you watch those photos, your mind will reverse back to positivity and good memories. This will help in cleaning out the darkness moment of anxiety and panic attacks.

4]Stop focusing on anxiety groups

We don’t want to feel alone. We don’t want to suffer alone. But, there is a fine line between finding people with same illness and promoting the illness. If you think you are suffering from it, then find helpful posts or sources to recover. The better choice is to meet the doctor for the right diagnose. There are groups and forums on the Internet, wherein people keep writing about how they are feeling. Once you know what symptoms you have, focus on how you can improve it. If you keep re-reading other people’s symptoms, there is a strong possibility for your mind to behave same and increase the levels of symptoms. Negativity is food for anxiety. So, try to keep yourself away from things that can affect you.

5] Display Positive Vibes

Apply positive , motivational or happy wallpapers even on your cellphone, desktop or similar devices. Since, majority of the people use screens all the time. These screens can bring a smile on your face often.

6] Food is First-Aid box

Yes, you read it right ! Vitamin deficient people are prone to anxiety triggers. Whether or not you have a vitamin deficiency, this simple diet will help you out. Keep a bowl or a box of fruit beside your bed. Fruits such as Fuji apple, small(cardamom) banana, and green jujube helps in quick relief to physical symptoms. Any kind of similar juicy and fresh fruits are helpful in lowering anxiety. Do not take citric acid fruits like oranges on empty stomach because it can increase acidity levels. Although oranges are helpful in reducing stress, in taking on an empty acidic stomach is a bad idea. Keep a box of a sandwich or simple bread-jam next to your bed. Make a habit of keeping fruit juice bottles beside your bed. You can even keep dry fruit – raisins. Whenever you have an unexpected severe anxiety or panic attacks, these foods supply will help you in an immediate recovery. While many people complain about nausea as one of their symptoms, these simple items will reduce the nausea too.  In case, you have different health issues, then consult your doctor or dietitian to know whether you can have these things . You can ask them for alternative food diet. Lastly, do not forget to drink water frequently. It will keep you hydrated and normalize your pressure levels.

7] Best Friend Diary

Make a habit of writing good moments of your life, positive thoughts, and inspirational stories in your diary. When you read these things, it is possible to relax your mind to some extent. You can always keep this diary closer to your bed. You can even carry it with you, when you are traveling or staying alone some where else.

8] Long- distance is not a problem.

We cannot depend on everyone. Not everyone will be present physically around us all the time. But, given a chance of having access to technology devices, we can try to connect with our people. Make a call or send a message to your family or a friend. Tell them how you are feeling. Due to long -distance they may not be in a position to help you immediately. But, you can ask them to talk with you about anything. It will help you to divert your mind. Eventually, you will get involved with the discussion which will help in the reduction of anxiety levels.

9] Refresh Yourself

Most people find it difficult to wake up from bed. Some even suffer from motions and vomiting. If you are able to get up from bed after following above methods or taking medications, wash your face. People get giddiness after using toilet. Wash your hands and legs , as they get sweaty (Symptom). Wash your face and drink lots of water. Washing face often relives the symptom to some extent. This simple thing will refresh you and make it easier to feel the reality rather come out of uncomfortable feelings.

10] Watch a show or walk

Going out for a walk at night will not be a safest idea for your health condition and  depends on your location safety status. Anxiety will not go off suddenly. Once you feel a bit better or when anxiety reduces slowly, you can take little walks inside your room or home or yard.   This will restore your physical strength and control palpitations. Watching any entertainment show is one of the way to keep you happy. Once you are involved in watching good shows or having a laugh, anxiety will slowly vanish.

For the Harry Potter fans:

Imagine anxiety/panic phase as a Boggart. It will show you the fearful things. But, one could use the wand by saying the Boggart-banishing spell “”Riddikulus””. The fearful thing vanishes.
In the same way, whenever you get anxiety/panic, try to remember all the good memories and best moments. Try to imagine the things you would love to do. It is difficult to remember and focus, but trying this out  helps in a lot to relax the mind. Your mind needs to be changed into a happier space.

All the tips listed here are helpful in recovery and avoiding an unwanted anxiety moment. These helpful suggestions will work out with most people. These simple methods have the ability to bring out the change in you. Finding methods to get you into a comfortable zone is necessary to stay away from anxiety. All you have to do is, follow the ways to improve a healthy mind and do not indulge in the depths of the sources that bring you down. Try repeating / reminding yourself, “Worrying will not get you anywhere. Whatever is meant to happen, will happen.”

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  1. Yes, sometimes I spook myself at night, so I take deep breaths until I calm down. It usually helps. Watching a funny video on YouTube helps as well!

  2. Cristina Ioana says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I, myself, don’t suffer from anxiety but someone close to me does and this article will be helpful

  3. This is why I jump on Pinterest. There’s usually the perfect thing to snap me out of my funk.

  4. Music can be pretty helpful as well! I also like to read or color, it helps me calm down and relax.

  5. I only suffer from anxiety sparingly. I got a weighted blanket and I think it helps a lot. I’m going to try the apple tip for when it’s more severe than usual. Thanks for these tips!

  6. Janet Foxx says:

    Anxiety management is really a tough deal. I am sure your tips will help those who find it difficult to handle and get a good sleep. Thanks.

  7. I love your comment about anxiety groups. While I am in several, it is more in an attempt to help lift people from where they are. It seems the old age “misery loves company” is true in this instance for sure.

  8. natalielovesbeauty says:

    My favourite things to do when feeling anxious are listening to music or going on a walk. They usually help appease my mind and racing thoughts.

  9. I found water during the day, taking regular breaks and literally doing nothing helped with my OCD years ago. That and talk to people if you need to!

  10. This is awesome, amazing tips! I usually either workout or meditate at night, both help a lot.

  11. You, Me and Benny says:

    Great ideas! I love reading and making myself little notes!

  12. As someone who has suffered from anxiety, I appreciate the tips. I will forward.

  13. Adriana Lopez Santibañez says:

    Thanks for the insights and helpful tips, I suffer anxiety from time to time and I like to go to the gym for relaxing. Exercise is a good ailment too.

  14. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    Great tips. I’m happy no one suffers from anxiety in the family.

  15. Bindu Thomas says:

    Great tips. Breathing exercises and taking a walk are great for any time of the day.

  16. While I drift off to sleep quickly and only wake because my bladder says it’s time to get up, the same is not true for my spouse. He struggles with anxiety and has had success in coping using several of the tips you’ve offered. I think I will suggest he try a Best Friend Diary.

  17. Hannah Marie says:

    I know this is going to help a lot of people. I do think anxiety is a serious thing. I’ve learned a lot from here.

    1. Night can be a daunting thing and often an idle mind will attack itself. These are all fantastic suggestions! Thank you for sharing.

  18. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    Anxiety is horror. A close friend suffers from it, night is the worst for her. I often find myself speaking to her early in the morning: I am already awaken and she didn’t get any sleep. Anxiety is a monster we should fight with

  19. This is great information! I sometimes suffer from anxiety but I tend to meditate and woosa it all away.

  20. Thank you I never thought about this stickers thing.But I’ve seen that my mom had stickers all over her wall..Never thought why.Maybe she also read so many psychological books those days.Thanks for writing about these type of valuable posts.It helps people a lot.

  21. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips. I have noticed deep breathing, colouring, and distracting myself helps a lot whenever I am anxious.

  22. I really like the motivating sticker and photos idea because I know I’m in a better mood when I see thinks that make me happy! I’m also glad you mentioned that being negative is contagious because sometimes the people who we decide to share our problems with feed into our anxiety instead of helping us cope

  23. Breathing really helps, not only in night but anytime when you feel depressed. Also focusing on positive thoughts have a great impact on us.

  24. I suffer from anxiety a lot so these tips are really helpful. It’s worse when I am alone at night, but not so bad when I have people at home with me.

  25. Fortunately, I do not get anxiety as much at night, but I will keep this post in the back of my mind. Thanks!

  26. Devyani Ray says:

    Breathing always helps me. It calms me down. I do guided breathing whenever I feel anxious.

  27. Alexandra Cook says:

    I have recently started red light therapy too. It has been working really well for me.

  28. Marjie Mare says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these great tips, anxiety can be painful and learning how to manage it is so important.

  29. Elucidate Facts says:

    Thanks for listing them. I can connect with Photo Frames things. I never thought it can help in such a way.. Will share with some friends too😊

  30. Kimberly Caines says:

    Many people are suffering from anxiety. And the number of its victim is growing fast. Sometimes we cannot control it. But this article is such a big help. And worth to share to everyone.

  31. This is very good information to share. My friend is on therapy for anxiety and it’s getting better

  32. #4 is basically what i like to calling finding pity parties. People need not to find pity parties and start to heal parts of themselves that are hurt and stress because that is the root.

  33. amazing tips. matches with most of the ones that i do

  34. Helpful. Most people have their own ways of controlling anxiety attacks, but the fact of the matter is, not everyone can control anxiety attacks in the same way.

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