How I earned a million within one month?

How I earned a million within one month?

Isn’t it surprising to read this title,” How I earned a million within one month?”

When I read about expert bloggers are earning millions, I felt I can never be like them. They had been in the industry for over a decade. Additionally, some people believe that the blogging world has highly become competitive. Experts have worked for years, there is very less hope and scope for newbies. Unless and until you have a good staff and you are willing to spend your 24/7 in working way too firm to break the deal. I could have started maintaining a blog site long back, but I could never invest the amount in domain and hosting. I wrote once or twice a year. Blogging has never been on my plate.

Money brings happiness

Money is the reason of happiness!

Several people in my circle started requesting me to take blogging seriously. Hence, one fine day I decided to try it out for one month. Yes, trust me!
ike everyone, even I worked hard. I set my target goal of 31 days. March month 31 days of 2019. Never in my life, I took blogging as contemplative as I have done this month. At first, I did not have any expectations on earnings. As a beginner, we all know being a professional blogger is not a piece of cake. Here, I am sharing the secrets of my journey.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links

I applied for affiliate links. Although I worked hard, it was not enough. I could not spend as much as time as other serious bloggers could spend on. When I started affiliate linking to my post, I was not really focusing more on those products. I always focused majorly on the content. Within few days, I felt adding an affiliate link was a useless idea for me. I discontinued my affiliate programs. So, you know I did not earn through affiliate at all.

Essential ADs

ADs you travel more than travellers

I applied for Ads. I started having a good amount of visitors. My expectation for 1-month visitors as a beginner was fulfilled. The traffic was good. So, was the revenue from Ads. Yes, if you know the ratio of visitors to the ratio of impressions then you can calculate what can be the revenue too.
Obviously, it is not a graph to be seen. I am no expert to earn through ads with a beginner traffic graph.


Sponsorship is out of space

As I hustled through trying to bring traffic to my blog, I could not get time to apply for any sponsorship programs. Sponsorship was nowhere in my space.

Readers are blessing !

The only good thing I had for the whole month was my readers. They gave a good response, they appreciated my work, they encouraged me to write more.
I guess this is what made me take writing seriously. This was a warning alarm to sharpen my writing skills.

I love you readers

I appreciate my readers for reading the whole articles and giving their valuable feedback. I usually take my readers into the same real world that they see around. But, I also like to take them to deep diving. Some days, I don’t want them to sit humorlessly and read it solemnly.
Just like today, on this April Fool day, I want to tell them this is no uncomic article and I haven’t earned a million. Bingo!!! You know money can’t be earned at the drop of a hat. Happy April Fool day guys πŸ™‚ I will probably be a millionaire within a month when pigs fly!
It’s been years I celebrated this day and today I decided to do it through my post. My secret of earning is no more a secret now. πŸ™‚

How much you earned through blogging? When was the last time you celebrated this moment?

With all the love πŸ™‚


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  1. Enticing headlines with wacky content hahaha but it’s true though, there are many bloggers trap you with these headlines

  2. It would be a dream but I think it’s almost completely impossible! hihihi for this i love your post!

  3. I make a full time job of my blog and I am proof that you can make money from blogging. I think that one month though is not enough, especially for affiliate marketing. You need to create targeted posts, highly SEOed that they rank on Google, and not just add random links here and there. And this takes time.

  4. I am now working on sponsorships and what I should accept and not. Blogging can really be great in the money department only if you work hard and know what you’re doing.

  5. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could make a million a month hey! Just let it all fly in. One can dream.

  6. Ha, I wish I could earn a million in a month! I do see titles like this with various amounts there, and normally it’s a scam anyway. I just focus on writing since I love it and if I can make some money too, awesome. But it’s not my main drive.

  7. Little Slice of Joy says:

    I so needed to read this today! I’m a new blogger and it can be so intimidating to see all the posts of how overnight rich blogging can make someone. This definitely made me smile!

  8. Haha, I got fooled! I have gained exactly $0 from blogging. πŸ˜‚

  9. I seriously doubt the accuracy of this post, but regardless of that, money is no the reason for happiness. I am so happy thanks to my Lord, my husband, and my children even though we had very little money. If I was blogging for money, I would have quit already. I blog because I love it.

    1. Yes, Melissa . If you have read the post till the end, you can notice it was humor/sarcasm. I blog simply because I like writing πŸ™‚

  10. Ha Ha yes, blogging is SO simple. Just start and everyone flocks in and sponsors are beating down the doors! I mean if you aren’t making at least 50K a month in your first month you are doing something wrong lol

  11. this headline sure does make me wonder. in such a short time especially. I love blogging and have made a career of it but no tin the millions, I don’t think many do!

  12. Hahaha I feel like this is so me! I’m struggling so hard to make ANYTHING through blogging. Best of luck to you!

  13. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    I know a lot of bloggers actually do earn much with a blog. I don’t earn much but it’s enough for me. Your tips are the most proper! It is actually working. As for competitiveness – it sure does exist but it is manageable.

  14. Bindu Thomas says:

    Excellent article with a lot of details for blogger

  15. Coming to think of it, it’s actually possible to make $10000 in a month and that equates to a million shillings in my country. But oh my! That takes such seriously good stuff and smart work. I hope to get there someday!

  16. Imagine that – what a wonderful world, haha, it does require a lot of dedication and hard-work. i hope to get there someday. I like the humor πŸ™‚

  17. Aishwarya Shenolikar says:

    This is such an engaging post. Even I come across such posts but never can I do this. Thanks for sharing the tactics behind it!

  18. Your post keep up the hopes we often lose. Thank you.

  19. successunscrambled says:

    Keep up the good work Shubh, with a good mentor and some hard work you could be making 4, 5 or even 6 figures a month. It is not impossible but it does require that you put in the work.

  20. Oh, haha! Of course, it is not really possible to earn a million in one month. But thanks for this list, these are helpful way to earn.

  21. Chelle Dizon says:

    My bestfriend was also the one who encouraged me and supported me to blog because she was able to earn money using the social media. More power in your blogging career and I’ll be looking forward to your next post.

  22. Alexandra Cook says:

    A million is no small number. Getting things going at that rate is what we all want!

  23. I seriously relate with you, girl. I don’t know what to do with affiliate links either and it is such hard work.. πŸ™

  24. briebrieblooms says:

    Blogging has opened up so many career and work opportunities for me. I’m always appreciative for everything I learned by starting a blog.

  25. Brittany Vantrease says:

    Thanks for sharing! It’s good to know that not everyone is making money. I work very hard many days and some days I will only make pennies and other days I might make a dollar. It definitely takes something to make a lot.

  26. Wow this is impressive! i’ve had a good blogging career but never made 1 Million dollars πŸ™

  27. natalielovesbeauty says:

    It’s definitely an unpredictable journey to try make money online. It definitely takes a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. But if you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible!

  28. Hannah Marie says:

    A million within a month sounds dreamy. Who wouldn’t want to earn that much right? It might happen to some and not to many but it’s worth squeezing a try.

  29. Bindu Thomas says:

    I wish I could earn a million in a month! Through hard work and dedication we can achieve anything.

  30. I love the title. I believe nothing is impossible but everything takes time to build. As long there is a steady monthly income from blog, I believe every blogger will take that as a great achievement.

  31. Lol! Interesting read. The title is quiet interesting the best thing about the article is last para where you reveal the secret behind millionaire.

  32. Enriqueta Lemoine says:

    You tricked me with the headline. I started monetizing my blog 4 years ago. I work hard and blogging is one of my joys. That’s priceless…

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