How do I check my Blog?

I used to be surprised to see this question from many beginner bloggers. I helped in guiding many people in starting a blog. One query was common amongst all. When numerous people started asking, “How do I check my Blog?” I realized not everyone has got technical skills and computer knowledge. People enter into the blogging field from different fields, so it is possible for them to not have the right knowledge of simple things too.

I wrote the blog but where is my blog?

Here, is a complete guideline to find your blog on WordPress. It will help other bloggers who are not on WordPress too. Because the steps remain almost similar.

Step 1 :

You have written the blog and published it and now you want to share it. 
You want to view the display of your blog on the desktop and the Mobile.
Once you are logged in WordPress, you will see the page same as this image:
If you are unable to view this image, zoom your screen or right click your mouse and choose “Open image in new tab”. ( Do the same for all the images in this post.)

You can notice on the left side, there are two buttons.
My Sites and Reader.
Click on My Sites.

My Sites Reader

You will see the items the same as the above image on the left side of the page. On the right side, there will be names/list of your blog.


Step 2 :

There are two ways of viewing the site, the easiest way is this one. 

In the left top side of the page, Right-click your mouse on the button View Site.
You can now choose the option from the right-click list.
You can either click:
Open link in new tab 
Open link in new window

If you are using Chrome and want to open your site in incognito mode,then
Open link in incognito window

This will direct you to your site display. The image below is my site view. 

Site URL

I have marked red color drawing on the bit upper side. I will explain it in Step 4. 

Step 3:

The second way of viewing your site is :
Click directly on View Site button.
You will see your site similar to the below image.

My Sites

You can choose from the top bar, whether you want to see the display for Desktop, Tablet, Phone, Search & Social. No need to break your head more, simply choose Desktop. You can check other views later once you learn the steps in this guideline.

Options to View


My Sites

Click on Visit Site button on the right top side of the page.
You will be redirected to your site display.

URL View

Step 4 :

What is your site URL and how do you share it with others?
How will you check your site anytime?
Look at this image:

URL View

The red mark part is your site URL. It is also known as the address or link of your site.
1] Just click on that link.
Right-click and choose Select all
2] Right click mouse and choose Copy option.
3] Go to any of your social media or other sites you want to share.
Right-click mouse and choose Paste option.

Extra Step:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ice_screenshot_20190330-161141-1.png

If you see same or similar buttons anywhere on your site, usually footer or sidebar of the site, then click on the button to share on the social media sites. You can directly click on any of the buttons. If you are already logged in to the respective social media then it will directly share on your profile.
In case, you are not logged in, the window will prompt asking you to log in.
After the login, the post will be ready to be shared on your site.

Any questions, write it in the comment or reach out to

Happy Blogging


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  1. Thanks for putting this tutorial together. It is very helpful to find your blog once it is published!

  2. Those are great tips for beginner bloggers on how to share their blog posts. There is so much to learn when you are starting a blog!

  3. Wow your tutorial on free wordpress checking is making sense oooh i really love it.. Is helpful

  4. Michael David Oyco says:

    Helpful especially for starters! Thanks for thinking and making this for them. Salute

  5. Gervin Khan says:

    This is such an amazing post and very informative as well. As a beginner in this line of work, your guide is simply the best. It’s easier to follow the step by step instruction on this post. You’re a big help on this kind of stuff.

  6. Elizabeth O says:

    It’s amazing how quickly we all forget about being a newbie once. this is very helpful information that a new blogger can use.

  7. Bindu Thomas says:

    Great post for newbies. Kudos for taking out the time to make this.

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