Good Things – Tip 2

Be the listener for the day, thereby, make a change in someone’s life.

Most of you have come across similar posts with the status: Be the listener.

Finding the right listener is a difficult path for all of us.
A listener can be in the form of a family member, a good friend, a colleague, or a doctor.
Do we all really need to rely on a therapist and doctors for listening our stories?
Do we all really need medical counselling often for balancing our mental health?
Can all of us afford to pay this counselling durations?
Even with the payment mode, online or offline counselling cannot always be guaranteed.
Counsellings also have time limitations and not everything about your mind and emotions can be opened up.

Each one of us need someone to listen to us. Some of us don’t have anyone to love us or show some care towards us. Some of us are blessed with lovable people. But, still there is scarcity of listeners.

You can help someone voluntarily anytime with different purpose as in some of you might help to gain the reviews and some of you might help to change the lives of the people. The first thing, we should begin as a listener is to start listening to our closed ones. Make them open up their emotions and let their mind get some relief. Listening is not just a skill of nodding. It is not just a skill of adding up random common positive lines. Listening requires you to take whole interest in the conversation and imagine yourself walking in their shoes. Solve their issues as if it is your own issues. Find the ways, that can make things easier for them. Don’t make fake promises. Don’t just pretend to help. Pretention is the unsatisfactory form of conversation. Sometimes not necessary that there exists actual problems. Sometimes , it is all about discussing the emotions, the past life or the present journey or the futue expectations.

Remeber someone is sharing things because they expect you to hear them out. Sometimes, it takes courage for many to open up about certain things. Sometimes, having no listener around is so difficult to live that the person is all hopeless but you can be that little sunshine by being the much needed perfect listener.

Listen to one person each day or once in a few days. Let the conversation be for few minutes to long hours. Let it be friendly with no hesitations. Have a comfortable conversation with full of empathiness. It’s all about spending a quality time in order to refresh souls.

If you don’t have any listener, you can always reach out to me πŸ™‚ Take care πŸ™‚

Have a good day/night πŸ™‚
πŸ™‚ Smile for the moment πŸ™‚

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