Good Things- Tip 1

Do you ever get the feeling of doing something good for the day? There are so many things we can do each day that could change our mood as well as other’s. It’s all about spreading that simple happiness πŸ˜‰
We all have our different purposes. Some of just want to waste time or make it productive. Some of us want to do something new. While some of us want to do something good to overcome the bad things we did , as if balancing our deeds. Well, whatever may be our purposes, here is the most basic simple good thing you could do for one day or every day.

Watering The Plants
So simple, right? Water the plant in your own garden and when you don’t have one then water any plant nearby you.
By feeding the important nutrition water to the plant, you are brining up a new life. Ultimately, you are also contributing to the preservation of our beautiful earth.

That’s the pic I captured in this rainy season. It’s located in front of my place. This peepal plant has grown on it’s own on the branch of another big tree. (Peepal tree is being known for releasing the oxygen even at the night time and is useful in treating many health ailments/diseases)

Keep spreading the positive vibes and store up the green energy πŸ™‚
Have a wonderful day / soundful sleep πŸ™‚

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