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Marriage itself is a word that always freaks me out. I don’t know why I really never believed in the concept of “Marriage“.

I don't want to get married.


My opinion about marriage is, it is a proof for the society that the couple is married or booked. If two people are in love and wanna spend their life together for the rest of their life then here comes the Marriage Certification. Even people having a living relationship find this Certification useful at some or other point. No matter what religion, caste, race you belong to, which place in the world you live in, some or other day you will find yourself taking oath/vows in the wedding aisle.

wed vows at aisle

Once you reach in your 20s, you ought to find a partner or else by hook or crook someone will find a partner for you. You won’t be left with much of a choice, to marry someone.


Of course,  there are folks who live single for the whole life. But do they live this life without fighting with their own family and society? Almost all the single ones had to go through the repetitive questions and comments on them.

We cannot say it’s the old generation mind. Because we have a young generation who does the same thing. I reached in my 20s(Update: Oops no more in 20s!)  and almost all my friends started getting married and within a few years, almost all of them were blessed with kids too.

cats meme
relatives meme

I don’t care what others think about me for sure, but I think the whole society is worried about me a lot. In today’s techie & independent world, it’s mandatory to have a job.
The bio-data in matrimony must show your resume which will impress the guy/girl and you will have chances to be selected for the proposal. Bingo!!!
I am post graduated qualified with additional skills and due to certain family reasons, my career life did not go well. Unfortunately, I am not working the regular 9 to 5 job. It turns out to be a negative point for the whole society. They don’t pay my bills or take care of me but a big question: Who will marry me?

Every guest that comes to my house or my relatives advise the same thing to me and my parents,” At this age, no job then get married!!”
Some of them asked me to move the USA for further studies and if I don’t move by myself then, at least, marry the guy working in the USA . To add on, single ones in the age 20s had to always come across aunties giving mantras, “Get married soon, have kids soon. The sooner the better. If you marry late then you will have problems having kids then there is no meaning for marriage. ” *sob sob*

meme on advices

A huge LOL!!!
This is my everyday life to avoid such old generation mind and facing society whether it is on the streets or in some family functions or someone else’s wedding, “When is your wedding?”

I kill everyone in my mind but I have to tell them: ‘ very soon maybe this year or next year.’

gift for wedding

Do I enjoy with people of my age around me completely? At least there I have got some air to breathe on…Nahhhh!!
Considering half of my friends are married, it is difficult to hang out with them. When they hit me,” Why are you not married yet!!”
And do the other half unmarried people allow me to enjoy?
Nah Nooo
Well, I have to say I am not dating anyone and I don’t have a boyfriend.

drama meme

So, here are these people who will keep on asking me why are you not even dating someone? If you can’t find any boy, then opt for arrange marriage.

arranged marriage meme waiing for you


Yeah seriously, Facepalm!!

Well, I did meet a bunch of people who even assumed about me as a lesbian. What? ah hun O.o

gender stigma meme

Well, what can I say ..*No words*
I am straight and it is okay if I don’t have a job and my health & career life does not go well. I don’t even understand even in this modern world, why people assume gender as a lesbian and ask it like a stigma.
I believe it is not mandatory to find some partner to fix my life problems.
Thanks to 2-3 of my married friends, who always sob,” You are lucky to be single. Never marry anyone.”

second thoughts meme

Why should one marry someone just for the sake of society, when not even ready for it? Of course,  having a bf/husband is not always a problem. When you are not ready for a relationship, don’t go for it. By the way,  even when you are ready to be in a relationship, don’t just settle for a random partner.

being single is best

I don’t know whether I will ever get married to someone or fall in love with someone but for now; I love myself and enjoy with my friends(Update: no more friends around). I am single & definitely fine with this status. To the people out there, I don’t have to jot down the benefits of being single. You know how it is & moreover will find plenty of blogs out there showing ” Being single is the best thing ” πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Being Single, Cheers!!!

being single cheers

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  1. Hello this is haseena…..vowww your blog is so beautiful….the whole experience of reading your post was very enjoyable with such apt pics….i could relate to the phase very much….have been there too….for years….at the end of which I was like….ready to marry any Tom Dick or harry haha….that was two decades ago….girls would not talk to boys….leave alone falling in love….enjoyed your post…

  2. Your article is wonderful. I completely agree with you. πŸ™‚

  3. I got married the first time because I thought I needed to. Everyone else was getting married and it’s what you do. That ended in divorce. I got married the second time because I love him and want to spend my life with him.

  4. Great post to read :). As a single woman myself I totally agree with you, live your life and be happy while doing it πŸ™‚

      1. I agree with you. You can’t just be with some random person because of societal expectations and marriage is not a ticket out of life’s issues because marriage comes with its own issues too. Personally i think an individual should love themselves and be complete by themselves before thinking of marriage .I am single too and at the right time ,my boo will come .We will both be complete human being who can love each other because we love ourselves

  5. Hahaha these memes were so funny! Great idea to include them in the post!

  6. Okay so the memes were hilarious lol! i think it is more important that you are happy whether your are single or married. My husband and I are now getting the when are you getting married speech so i totally get it

  7. I’m very single, extremely happy, and I’m in my 40s. I’ve never had any interest getting married or being married, because everyone in the United States were getting divorced or are on their third/fourth/fifth marriages. Why bother getting married, then? At any rate, and at this point, no one should be able to judge anyone – single, married, or living together – it’s really none of anyone’s business. The only thing anyone should be worried about is your happiness.

  8. I didn’t get married until I was in my 30’s and I’m so glad I waited for the right person. Divorce is too expensive to rush into it! πŸ˜€

  9. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    I don’t think marriage solves anything but useful moments. It also could be a dream come true to have a wedding and things like that. But to will not solve any problems the person or couple has. even if marriage is long awaited actually getting married brings only more questions like why now, not before.. etc

  10. I say it has nothing to do with age, people should get married when they meet someone they love enough that they want to spend the rest of their life with them… If people stay single their whole life then that’s fine… don’t settle!
    My aunt is in her 60’s and she’s still single AND she likes it that way! ; )

  11. I love that you shared your thoughts and expression with us. I got married at an early age of 23 and to be honest I never thought I’d marry young. However as cliche goes, “you know when you know” stands true for my case. I had a short time being single but I do not regret getting married early. Very happy I get to spend all the fun with my very best friend and person who loves me most. Marriage and the manifestation of love itself is beautiful.

  12. I am single and I like it. If I want to go to bed early, stay up late, go on a trip at a whim, whatever… I can do it and no one grouches at me about it at all. So nice!

  13. Marriage is one thing one must think deep about before going ahead with it and also it is quite easier when you find that one person that you consider a friend and can discuss almost anything with. Also ask for God’s guidance.

  14. simplysensationalfood says:

    You should marry when you find the right person that you want to spend your life with . Also being independent is equally important, providing for your self and having a means to pay your own bills is a must. Marriage is a partnership but at same time you should both be able to support each other emotionally and financially.

  15. Bindu Thomas says:

    Great post and I totaly agree with you. Thanks for sharing this post.

  16. I think marriage means moral and physical stability and eventually a well-balanced society

  17. Wonder what if the right person proves to be the wrong guy anytime soon? Marriage entails some commitment that bears value to life. I am pro-marriage.

  18. Marriage is a very important stage of once life, its not something someone should forced into or talked into. When you meet the right person you will know and you will feel good to be in it

  19. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    marriage is an importat step for many people. it was not important for me even though I got married early enough (it was good for my husband’s carrier) but it never solves anything. it is just a formality.

  20. Being single is your choice. It’s better to be single than to regret a relationship. Take your time. If marriage is meant to be, than it will be someday.

  21. This is a very common story but I totally agree with you, being single is the best thing! You get to enjoy more of yourself when you’re single! Make the most out of your time as single and enjoy every single of it!

  22. I always knew if I will find a man that I want to spend him my whole life I will get married but I don’t think everyone need to do that and I don’t ask thousands of same questions to someone who is in relationship but without marriage.

  23. This is so true everywhere. Single people face these questions from any and everyone. I did too. Wait till you get married then the questions will change but the frequency will not. Lol

  24. Marriage is something that I believe is a sacrament, and is not just something that can be taken as a “normal event” So, the concpet of marriage for me is not something that can be taken lighlty. Great read!

  25. Fatima D Torres says:

    I’ve always wondered why people ask those unnecessary questions. It’s not going to help pay your bills or calm you worries.

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