Gap In Economic & Social

Nah, I am not giving the title as “Socioeconomic Gap” as that could mean something else. We are going to talk about Economic and Social media.

There is a gap in economic and social on the individual basis because there is interrelation between the two that needs to be broken up.

There is a huge gap going around the economic background as well as social background. Some of us are aware of it. This gap is affecting everyone on the  different levels.

Economic Inequality:
Employment vs unemployment is always the main question in all the countries. It is indirectly related to the political grounds. When the employment or the unemployment rate rises or decreases, the media, oppositions and the common people blame the main ruling government. When the natural disasters or pandemics hits around, almost all the countries scale up with major unemployment rate. What is the root cause for such circumstance? There are multiple reasons leading to an unemployment rate starting with: what does not seem to be the part of problem to the visible problems. We are responsible for economic inequality and only we can balance it. Possibly, we are in need of new ways to tackle down the uprising issues.

The basic thing one does to be employed is find the job. To find the job, one has to apply the CV/Resume on different online portals and reach out to consultancies. How are these online portals and consultancies working in the 21st  century? A decade back, there was still a hope in finding the job through online job portals. Today, it is not possible for many.
First, majority of job requirement only looks out for highly- experienced candidates. Most freshers and other candidates with no experience letter loose out the opportunities here itself.

Earlier, only the verified companies could post the job but, now scammers are also posting the job offers. What phishing can possibly go around here? The scam companies use the bio details of candidates to exploit to other irrelevant portals and can misuse the details in any form.
The next thing is ghosting. Companies post requirement for something and choose the matching candidate. Once the candidates are selected, the given job is something else. The deeper this type of work life goes, the more loss it is to the candidate. Most companies make the candidate sign the contract with certain terms and conditions. Usually, the candidate is expected to pay lakhs of penalty for breaching the contract.  When the candidate cannot afford to pay  a penalty, he/she has to continue doing the unwanted work. Thereafter, these candidates cannot use the experience letter for future use otherwise, may not learn the actual skills needed for very next job.

Profile picture for Job Profile. How safe is this option?
Anyone can view the picture or download and misuse it in any form. Furthermore, fake companies or exploiting people can approach the candidate as a professional company recruitment.

Campus interview is not for everyone and the recruited candidates not necessarily are happy with the package. Whether these candidates join the company or not, the question remains for unrecruited candidates. The biggest problem in the industry is not giving chance to the ones with the gap after the completion of education. While searching for the job, if candidates fail to bang in a job within 6 months, then there is no value for them in the market. Some of them will opt for another course , another certificate and try again. How long should the person keep collecting the certificates to find a job, thereby, spending less or huge amount often?  Not everyone can afford the courses available these days. Another drawback is the quality is not guaranteed everywhere.

The first preference is always given to the ones who have studied or worked abroad. Second preference is for the ones who studied in branded or top colleges. Where will the rest of the crowd go?

What lies on the other side is, we say everything is on the internet. One can access the education sources through blogging, websites and  YouTube videos. Although, it’s a good thing to have access to considerable things. It is still affecting in other ways. How? ? The sources available are not in the right form and is not enough. Next, one cannot get the actual certificate based on this. At the end , the company expects one to have the certificate before checking the knowledge. Eventually, one has to again pay for the courses.

Secondly, bitterly, people are failing to find a job as a teacher profession. When everything is available on the internet, how will the teachers earn then? Some youtubers want to earn money through YouTube channel. Even if most of them are not qualified enough, what they do is take away someone’s job. They will simply upload some materials or steal material and make everything available for free. These sources are not enough, but viewers will follow it anyway. This is where the job gap appears for the teachers.

Likes, comments, views are part of social media.
How these things are becoming part of job portals?
One of the top jobs in office/offline recruiting portal and other freelancing portals use like, comment, remarks, views, followers  format. Humans are brainier and smarter. All they do is exchange likes, followers, remarks, comments, views on each other’s profile. So, who is the highly skilled? What is the truth?
Between this silly exchange games, the actual skilled candidates lose the job opportunities.

Freelancing portals act as an agent between the employee and the client. These portals take up huge commission and most of the times do not pay the employee’s salary.  It is hard to trust the freelancing portals in three ways: One the portal itself does not guarantee paying the amount to the employee and the portal will not take any action against the bad client or bad employee. Bummer! On second hand, good employee loses the deserved wage or the salary amount. Probably, client might lose out work to some inexperienced employee.

The Student- Tutor Portals are all money business. The sites make the student and the teacher pay for contacting each teacher or each student, respectively . Unfortunately, 8 out of 10 are fake accounts created by the site itself. The innocent teachers and the students become the fools of such site scam.

All types of portals are now providing premium and other upgrade plans. So, one has to pay for the plans and then pay again for being on top of the profiles or pay for applying job or finding student-teacher or continue paying until someday you find a job or you cannot afford it anymore. Moreover, there are always commissions by the portals cut down from your earned amount or payments.

Online job are not available even when it’s proved that work from home jobs can reduce the office space. It is good to give opportunity to people with good skills. Especially, the ones who cannot be physically available for in office work. This can actually reduce the unemployment number in a good form.

There is the group of new generation, wherein everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Each person wants to label themselves as Entrepreneur. Start-ups, beauty product influencer seller, networking scam business all of them are new entrepreneurs who are becoming rich in no span of time. Also, some of the people having the attitude of don’t want to work under anyone else, want to have own company is surely becoming the actual career aim for many. The biggest gap lies here. Only few Starups, writers , beauty reviewers and similar newbies can reach the actual goal. Rest all with no right plan and to show off the entrepreneur label will not survive long. These people when plan to hire workers , they cannot afford to pay the deserved salary. This is where the gap stays. The employees will have to struggle and neither gain good experience nor the good salary. With no proper foundation, unplanned business do not survive. Eventually, the number of unemployment rises here.

Fake certificate does not seem to diminish anywhere. The evil minds will attach fake experience certificates to get the job which affect the innocent candidate with no or less experience proof. The similar one is the Reference. Only the referred ones have high -possibility of grabbing the opportunity. Rest will have to hold the patience. Overall,
the one with no or less knowledge can earn good salary than  actually skilled hard-worker.

Influencers has become a joke these days. Every next person wants to be a influencer, life- coaching mentor and perhaps, I don’t have to add on the trendy things happening these days. You know it, right?
Influencers were earlier supposed to be the ones who have achieved something in their career which was supposed to be a top person in the industry. But now anyone can be the influencer. All you have to do just keep repeating the same things and copy what others say, and mark it as a new thing. New thing but, the same old thing. Once again, influencers will have PR hubs or do the exchange followers/likes, etc. Whatever, somewhere the world is having more influencers than the required numbers.

Consultancies before the internet world was created as a business agent that would connect companies and students. Each year these consultancies raise their registration cost and take up a huge commission for any recruited student. There should be probably a rule to have limited consultancies per city as a greater number of people are coming up with these businesses and are the best scammers like networking scammers.

We are lacking employment, honesty, loss of right skills & value to talents, but gaining fake fame, dishonesty, egoism, unfair competition, and last but not the least  a major unemployment.

Social Media Imbalance:

Influencers concept applies here too. Unfortunately, (same thing to repeat) : anyone can be influencer with the exchange of followers, like, comments blah blah. No time for exchange, then just buy it off. 
What’s happening in the whole picture? The no so good quality ones are gaining the fame. The original works don’t get attention. While each one of us are striving to find platforms to showcase our skills, there are pirates everywhere. Someone is going to copy your work. Someone is going to try lowering your count.

There is the ego stone in everyone’s heart. They can view the fellow friend work but will not appreciate it. They can repost what they see in small news articles but they will not share your work. They will share what they are paid for by politic groups but not your work.
People are failing to appreciate the original ones. They want to only appreciate what gains the fame. To hit the fame, you got to buy the fellows to click all the buttons of your work.

The startup like  beauty, diet , online stores are approaching very well to the influencers. What’s happening here? Are we getting the real reviews of the product? Who knows whether the product is allergic, low quality and whom does it suit? Because almost all the bloggers, instagrammers , and youtubers have praised this product because they got paid for it.  Same thing goes for other products. It is not just beauty products. Take it any product , we cannot reply fully on reviews anymore. Because the original ones are less and fake ones are more.

On the Facebook platform, there are plenty of groups exploiting girls and sexually censored videos or photos. When one reports on the post, the post is not taken down. Facebook community believes it does not go against their community guidelines. Sometimes Facebook can ban the educational or random comments without any reason but banning on exploitation is not possible. The photos of girls, women are misused in these group. The actual such sellers and buyers are working here. So, is this the type of work that needs to be promoted?  Facebook has been helpful in allowing educational sources to post knowledgeable things. But there are groups with more than 10,000 members doing illegal things that needs to be shut down. Facebook alone is not responsible completely. It is the members who are involved in such type of work needs to be taken down. A good type of employment opportunities and restrictions on illegal activities will  help out to reduce unemployment and reduce the unethical level of work.

Where should the platform like Quora forums fall in – social media or economic zone?
As people keep exchanging upvotes and comments & become popular there, the quality of question and answer has also degraded. The employees of companies are themselves part of such forums to promote their companies.

We were given the internet to make the best use of it. We are misusing it in other ways indirectly affecting our actual source of income.  Where do you see yourself in the future??
The general question:” Where do you see yourself after 5 years? “ is the biggest joke now.
Without erasing the gap or creating something new without these available present so called influencers, online mediums and other relatable things, then only  one can achieve something meaningful.

On all the social media platforms, we come across the posts, ”Earn quick money or earn 10,000 , 50,000 & 1 lakh in one month without any skills”. Intelligent ones know that this is a scam and also a spam everywhere. Yet, there are group of innocents who continue falling into this trap. A chain marketing or networking business had been making use of social media platform and posting such spammy messages in comments of every post. We cannot block and report each one of them as the list does not seem to get over this year.

On the contrary, there is a public relation PR hub for all social media specifically working for politics and other actors. The type of insanity these  PR hubs doing to be on the top of the trending list especially on Twitter is despicable. The more the fans and these type of no-brain people work to beon the  top of the trending list which does not even look like news or serious thing is actually making a blind eye on serious issues happening around the world. It’s a clear ignorance towards making serious things and positive things reach out to more people because of those creepy users.

Whilst we can sell the products of our company or individual artist can sell their art work through social media, this is not balanced well. As the wicked ones had been affecting the balance of this good work.

Somehow in today’s web world, economic and social media are interrelated. All the social media platforms and forums were supposed to be helpful and are still helpful in many ways but the problem is with a group of users which are increasing day by day are the ones manipulating this platform by contributing nuisance for the platform as well as other users.

Are we planning this type of future? Will everyone continue doing these types of silly jobs? Instead of providing and creating real time meaningful and useful jobs, senseless things are getting more hyped everywhere.

What was the need of social media, forums, job portals for offline work, freelancing online work, consultancies, tutor – student portals, photo & art sites, youtube channels & similar things? What is actually happening?

What’s your take on this topic? Share your views. Tell me , what more is happening in pro and con manner in the economic and social platform?

Leave a Reply. I am happy to hear your thoughts on this post.

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