I love reading quotes. Sometimes I just take the meaning in other way..

Reading funny quotes is a change for the mind.

12 Funny Quotes

Before you judge a man,walk in his shoes
I am the driver of my own destiny.
I believe in Unicorn
The time will never be right
The most beautiful thing in the world
Never stop dreaming
Netflix and Chill
Forever Single
Keep lying
Tomorrow never comes
Where are my socks?
It is just 4 letters

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  1. I love how every quote has an ironic reply to it. It’s so hilarious, especially because some quotes are just meant to make you feel better, but are not really true.

  2. Tessa Christianson says:

    These are hilarious! I love a good sarcastic quote to brighten my day 🙂

  3. I love these quotes. They are important to keep in mind. And yup, I always lose my socks.

  4. These are some really great quotes! I love the last one with the dog I totally need to remember to let shit go sometimes.

  5. Mosaics Lab says:

    These are awesome quotes, some of them are hilarious. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  6. Passion Piece says:

    I love the way you approached these quotes, it’s really amusing. I’ll do the same next time I read something totally serious! You made my day! 🙂

  7. Funny and original. Great stuff there. 😀

  8. love these quotes! thank you so much for sharing!

  9. These are hilarious! I love the “keep lying, it will improve your memory” haha!

  10. simplysensationalfood says:

    I love all the quotes and the ones with the hilarious replies are awesome .

  11. Alexandra Cook says:

    These are all so funny. It truly reminds us to lighten up a bit and not take life so seriously.

  12. hahahahahaa, I really love this. A great idea to change the profound words into something humorous. Awesome.

  13. These are really clever quotes and I enjoyed the replies thanks for sharing !

  14. Michael David Oyco says:

    The driver thing made me giggle lol. thanks for this. A little thing to brighten the day

  15. Thanks for your post. The world is full of hate and negative energy, we need more of your type of posts.

  16. I love these quotes and they really made me feel more positive and smile today. I needed that after a tough weekend!

  17. Cute quirky quotes. Sometimes you need a fun quote to life your spirits.

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