Frustrations of being a Teacher

October 31. 2020

People earn in lakhs but they don’t have money to pay to teachers.
I have heard problems of other teachers. So many teachers in school and colleges faced deduction in their salary. Many teachers lost their job too. Not all schools and colleges provide good salary to all teachers so these are the teachers suffering the most during covid lockdown and post lockdown. We have had many parents complain that they can’t pay fees because they don’t have enough salaries but all parents don’t have same issue. I have seen one of the person is capable of paying 75k per year to school but suddenly does not even want to pay penny saying why to waste money on teachers’ online lessons.
So if your company stops you paying despite of work, will that be okay?
Why teachers job is taken for granted by many?

In my experience, despite of providing course at nominal price, everyone wanted more discount and were not bothered to pay the fees on time ever.
Why do students make teachers beg for the fees ?
It does not look good at all.
I am not the only beggar of fees. I know there are many more teachers online who have to shamelessly ask for money for their own hard work.
Teachers have a job.
Don’t treat them like they are doing some timepass or easy job.
It feels disgusting to come across such people.
In either way , I am in loss but still I teach. Adult students are happy with the course but disrespect just because of fees. Same goes with parents . They are very happy with the course but then suddenly disrespect due to fees.
I have provided free courses for many unprivileged and I always provide more than the actual course to everyone. What feels bad is, the one I am complaining about are the people who know the market price and know less quality out there. Yet they decide to not value the good quality for nominal amount.
You don’t think twice before signing up for paid entertainment channels and webseries. Ofcourse entertainment is needed. You don’t think twice before buying branded clothes which you will use only 2 or 3 times or one time ? Ofcourse show off is needed. Pampering is needed.
But, you decide to think 10 times , you take days or months to spend nominal amount on a course.
The same course which gives you 2 lakh increment in company. (My student’s requirement )
The same course which gives you new job and higher increment.
The same course which helps you get in better university and the same course which will let you be teacher too.
I request you all if you can’t afford to pay even nominal amount then don’t let teachers beg you. Don’t sign up for courses which you can’t value.

I would definitely like to stop nominal amount as it still seems to be unaffordable by many.

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    1. Yes .Most new generation is failing to do so. Other than normal basis experiences, 2020 is also one of the year that has affected teacher’s life more.

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