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It’s all a different world of being alone and isolated from the actual world. The only job that actual world does is to affect. Affect mostly in insane form and unpleasant way. To stand alone without anyone ever be there in any of the circumstances is a different isolation feeling. Especially, when surrounded with the ones who seek for your help all the time, who find you as the only source of lightning in the darkness; are the ones who cannot be seen on own journey. It’s all about being there in part of other’s journey to make their journey of life smoother but not vice- versa. Likewise, driver of public transport makes the travel easier for the passengers, but the passengers don’t drive for the driver. What surprised me about my life had been how come I didn’t have anyone around me when I was in a dying state. No one even bothered to talk to me later. I am the same person who has saved lives, who has done each and everything like spoon-feeding for them. These people do continue to connect when they are in need but otherwise, I don’t exist or rather I never existed. I could be kind to others but will never expect anyone to be kind to me because that’s the hardest lesson I ever learned; no one was and will ever be there for me.

These bunch of flowers spread on the lawn are best to watch under the sunlight rays.
Beauty lies in the colors of nature 💟
As WordPress could not fix the technical issue here, so I am unable to post my writing and photographs. Hardly any photos are getting uploaded.

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