First & last time

I had given up on my life already.
With back to back unpleasant surprises, there was nothing and none left to live for.
Finally, life surprised me with the most beautiful feeling on an unexpected time.
It was you. It was our first conversation.
At the first sight, the atmosphere felt cold and warm.
Can we just meet someone and think of them as soulmate in the first sight?
In the middle of conversations, our eyes struck often.
Trying to avoid looking at each other, we could not.
At once, we looked into each other eyes.
For the moment, it felt like the world has paused.
You forgot the conversation.
You tried to come back to the topic.
But, you could not.
You were lost in the moment.
That’s where I was lost too.
From that day onwards, the world changed for me.
I wanted to live again.
I changed myself.
Everything around looked happier and brighter.
The joyous atmosphere added a new journey to my life.
Dancing with the joys.
I wondered often, do you feel same?
With no idea, no clue,
in a happy mood
I walked in again
as per our scheduled meeting.
There you were in a new attire.
Resembling even you felt something.
Something that changed you too.
Waiting to see you again, felt worth it.
When that wide smile on your face like a happiest person welcoming me evinced how much you were longingly waiting to see me as well.
I did not have to dream anymore.
I did not have to wish anymore.
I was living the reality.
The reality of beginning a beautiful journey with you.
The way you spoke with me.
The way you cared for me.
The way you promised me that
you can’t change my past
but you can fix my future.
I believed it.
I believed it all.
One thing was assured to my mind,
if not my life partner, you would definitely be my bestest friend.
Little did my innocence mind knew
that it was our last meeting.
We had no connections to meet again
You had access to my data but, I did not.
I waited for you.
I searched for your details everywhere.
Months of research and I found you.
Once again with all the doubt of what if!!
What if , you already found someone.
What if, you forgot me.
What if, you don’t want to see me again.
I tried.
I tried to connect with you.
Unfortunately, you did not respond.
I tried ways to get your attention.
Just, silly me!!
I waited for the day, you will notice me.
I waited for the day, you will be happy to know it’s me.
I waited for the day to see that smile on your face one more time because of me.
I am still waiting for the magic and miracles to happen.
I am still waiting to live the incomplete reality.
No, it’s not foolishness.
It’s the one and only truth that no one can ever take your place as I can never love anyone the way I do to you.

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