Failures of Communication

1] Miscomforting towards friend

When a friend is going through bad times and does not have any single thing to be happy about, your way of comforting this friend matters. When the friend tells you their part of problems , don’t do these things:

Wrong comparisons:

Telling your life also has problems . Dont compare your small problems to your friends big problem. sharing big problem will be sharing each other’s problem and is normal for friends but comparing small with big ones is a bad gesture.

Wrong empathy

When your friend has lost everything in life, dont tell them how happy you are with your life . It is ok to share your happiness with your friend but telling your friend how happy you feel to have so and so things during the conversation of friends sadness, will only make your friend more sad.

You can give reasons to stay happy to your friend but talking about your happy list comapring to their sadness list is a bad comforting idea.

2] Tone of speech

Be it a office call or talks with strangers, keep your tone polite. In office calls,

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