Eyebrows Remover Thread Tool Business

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Eyebrows Remover Thread Tool Business

In today’s world, who does not want to look good , right?

Beauty is not the only priority. Perhaps, keeping the face clean and neat is everyone’s inner wish.

Not everyone likes to have hairy eye-brows on their face.

When there are thousands of salons out there, then why invent such a new tool?

There are already few tools present in the market, then why you can still be at the top in the business market?

Firstly, look at the disadvantages of the present tools in the market.

Secondly, understand the basic need of the tool.

Third, realize the value of money and happy customers.

Disadvantages of the current tools in the market:

1] Electric based:

Many customers are scared of using electric products for their body. So, using an electric product for facial purpose will be a risky thing. Some people believe electric products harm skin cells. It is not good in a long term. Electric products are not affordable by everyone.

2] Non -electric  thread product

A non electric product has a in-built thread in it. This tool is not useful for often use.Once the thread is over, one needs to purchase the whole product again. The price of the product is also high and not worth it. This product cannot remove thick eye brows. It can remove light hair on face but leaves rashes. The quality of the product is considered to be a cheap material.

3] Cream based

Few people rely on cream based products. But, the problem with it is that it can not be suitable for sensitive skin. Few cream products diminish the skin quality. Some of the cream products are not good for facial purpose. Using it, causes  the skin to grow more hair earlier than regular days.


4] Plucker

Plucker takes up lots of time to remove and give the shape to eyebrows. It is not possible to use this for thick hairs always. The hands can pain while spending  excess time on giving a shape.

5] When there are so many salons out there, then what’s the need of  such a product?

  • Not all places have salons/parlours.
  • Some busy people cannot find time to visit salon.
  • Many  a times during an urgent requirement, the parlour/salons  are closed down.
  • Creating a product that uses thread is much more demandable. The reason is it cannot affect skin quality. People who are scared of electric products can depend on this product.You can watch some of the videos of how  the makeup person does the eyebrows with the threads.
  • Create the product which can replace those hand techniques.
  • Make the product lighter but stronger.
  • Keep it free off in-built thread.
  • You can give separate thread packet with it.
  • Once the thread is over, the user can buy any regular thread from the store.
  • Since, the customer will have the privilege of depending on separate thread, this will not make the customers angry.
  • If you design the product that will last longer than you will have million customers.
  • Keep the price low so that you will get more customers. A high price will limit you with the customer target. A low price will get you unlimited customers.



  • People who can’t afford to pay the salon price every now and then, will opt for this product.
  • A good product quality is all one needs.
  • Price is important to every customer.
  • No rashes, original techniques, anytime quick shape of eyebrows  are the basic need of any person who wish to have neat eyebrows.
  • During occasion or unplanned parties, the new product will be useful.
  • When there is no access to the salons nearby, self-work comes handy. No one needs to depend on the salon.
  • The best thing is doing a self-eyebrow within 2 to 5 minutes  anywhere.


What more features would you like to add to this product? Would you like to develop “Eyebrows Remover Thread Tool”? Do you wish to have this product in the market?
Share your opinions in the comment box.


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