Drowning Literally Or Metaphorically

When you are drowning literally,

You feel like you are dying.

You struggle to swim.

You gasp for an air.

You know either you will survive or die.

Whatever it’s gonna be ,

The choice will be made within minutes.


When you are drowning metaphorically,

You feel like you are dying.

While reaching for the 1000 m depth of an Ocean,

Often you will feel like you are about to die at any moment.

But, the drowning journey seems to be infinite.

You learn to swim through the consequences,

When you acquire the strength to reach back to the top of an Ocean,

You are the bravest person set to unbosom an untold story to the world.

Hush! You breathe with the hopes of thinking you survived.

When you turn around,

You are just in the middle of Ocean,

With no direction to any Island.

You are lost and there is no map for you.

You can only view

the blue and the dark,

the water and the clouds.

It’s a feeling:

“I don’t know , how many ages or decades,

It’s gonna take to find an Island,

I am clueless,

Will I die finding the destined Island or get a chance to tell the story of survival? “

-Shubhi Patil


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  1. I am at a point right now where I am not sure what I am fighting for when it comes to certain areas of my life

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