Dreaming Of Morning

I woke up lazily still on the bed and there was no one near me giving me the list of house chores for the day.

I woke up after having a full-fledged sleep.

I woke up with no body aches and no other symptoms that would question the duration of my existence.

I woke up with no one standing next to my bed and telling me as usual something negative.

I woke up with no adult fighting sound.

I woke up with no crying sound happened due to some sudden accident at home in early morning.

I woke up with no one complaining to me in a tragic manner about how neighbors are threatening our life and how we should leave this place. When neighbors don’t do any such thing but it’s the everyday unbearable complaints and heated atmosphere. Because the complainer is a hallucinating person who hates neighbor and every morning comes up with the new story.

I woke up with no regrets of me sacrificing my life for unworthy ones.

I woke up to no emergency calls looking after me for urgent help.

I woke up with no thoughts of loneliness.

I woke up surrounded with loved ones.

I woke up to have a normal active life looking forward to the one normal day.

Ahhhhhh Alas!!!! All these is the dream , dream of a blessed morning. Reality, is the worst never -changing morning.

Good night, folks!

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