Different Life Of Siblings

90% of the time having siblings is the best thing. It’s a beautiful relationship which teaches us the way to live and love. We learn to face challenges. In a way, we get to develop social cognitive skills. Β We can have funny childhood memories with our siblings. How long does the siblings bond last? Does the sibling relationship in adulthood changes? Do you think kids of same parents will behave the same? No, we actually get to see the different life of siblings.

SIBLINGS ARE THE FIRST BEST FRIENDS. thepsychologicalworld.Sibling Relationship

Siblings Rivalry

Every person in the world has a different life and hence, a different journey.  Siblings can be  2,3 or more individuals. During the growing age, everyone is concerned about siblings rivalry phase.  When people make comparisons between the siblings, some children may carry the bad impressions later. They may hold jealousy, feel inferior, seek attention, etc. Usually, the sibling’s rivalry passes off slowly on its own.

Does the sibling relationship in adulthood changes?

While growing up as a teen, they may help out each other with all their love and keeping secrets. Once they kick the adulthood age, they move on with their life after marriage. Sometimes, due to marriage or career purpose, one has to move far away.  In most of the cases, elders move out early from the house before the youngsters.  Although some researches may say, youngsters get a more comfortable and happy life. It cannot be seen the same in many cultures. When the elders move out, youngsters have to take care of the parents and any other needs of the home.  Because of long distance reasons, it is not possible for elders to be there during any ceremony or sorrow times. 

No escape from responsibilities

The youngster has no other option to escape from any situations. They need to be there for their family all the time. When youngsters reach their marriage age, they may have to think about whether to leave the house or not.  As the culture expects one of the children to live with the parents forever to take care of them. Irrespective of living at the same place or another place, one has to always keep their parents closer in order to keep up the responsibilities.  Some of the youngsters happen to give up their own dreams as the parents’ life becomes a priority.

The toughest times are the younger ones may not have much support from anyone.  Younger sibling has to remain strong all the time. At times, one needs someone to listen to their problems. When siblings get into adulthood, they may not spend much time discussing each other’s life.

Some people have siblings.But,they have to live like a child. thepsychologicalworld.Siblings Relationship

Most married siblings focus only on their family and not the sibling or parents. This becomes an issue during aging parent phase. When the times, one needs each other, the communication may not work out well. Such scenarios have the possibilities of affecting the mental health of the ones who are doing it all alone without any sibling support.  It gives the dilemma of whether the bonding that shared during childhood remains the same or not.  We need to realize talking to our siblings is the best therapy one needs. 

The only child is brought up in a way that his/her mind is not affected as much as the individual who loses the bond with a sibling. Since there is a loss of love and trusts, the effects of sibling relationship are unhealthy.


While the responsibility becomes a question for them, some individuals are more after the property ownership. In the mindset of inheriting parent’s property, there is higher probability of conflicts between the siblings.

Childhood sibling rivalry can change into adulthood for many people.  When they do not like parental treatment, they may keep unwanted memories. With the grudge, it is possible for them to carry the rivalry for the rest of life. Some researches represent, any kinda stress between the parents can make an impact on the children. The children can either share a strong bond or begin the rivalry.

At every stage of growth, the sibling relationship keeps changing. The bond may get closer or depart based on the circumstances. The culture itself has got disadvantages. Parents need to understand every child needs to be set free. We have to treat all our children equally.  It is the parents’ responsibilities to stop comparing and avoid favoritism. Whether our kids want to stay with us or not is completely up to them.  As the coin has two sides, the sibling relationship also has two sides. The importance of sibling relationship is such that it posses a stronger bond than any other relations.

We argue,We fight,We may not talk at times. But, the love will always be there. thepsychologicalworld. Siblings Relationship

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  1. Sibling bond is indeed special…Good one! I see a bend towards the younger siblings πŸ˜›

  2. I have 3 other siblings and am close to the eldest (my sister). Now that I’m married and have kids of my own, I hope that my children would have a loving bond like I have with my siblings.

  3. Personally, I am an only child and the only great relationship I had with sisterhood was with my cousin, who I haven’t seen for years, alas, from this point of view I can’t say I was lucky.

  4. You’re right! Having siblings is just so awesome! I have 4 more and it’s always fun when we meet up. Bad thing is the sibling rivalry as you grow but that develops into great love while you’re all-grown.

  5. I’m an only child, so I wouldn’t know. It was pretty awesome not having to share and have quiet. I did have two kids though, so we’ll see if they are close. I never press the issue!

  6. I know with my siblings we fuss and we fight but I wouldn’t trade them for the world! I feel like having siblings is such a blessing built in best friends! Great post!

  7. This article was a good reading, I really liked it. I’ve a sister so I can understand some dynamics hahaha We have a special bond despite everything! – Paolo

  8. I actually grew up most of my life as an only child due to having half relatives and such. But when I moved in with my dad at 16 I was fortunate enough to build such an amazing bond with my brother. Having a sibling is so special. Thanks for sharing this and reminding me of it.

  9. SIbling bonds are special, and they do change as you grow older. I am an :”only child” but was blessed with 6 step siblings from a very young age. The relationships can be complicated but I wouldn’t change them.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Siblings are dysfunctional but we love them anyways haha that’s family!

  10. The sibling rivalry is indeed a special one, and siblings are one and another’s first best friends. You do, however, list some very valid reasons why that relationship doesn’t last in adulthood.

  11. I hated my brother forever, still not a fan but we get along I guess

  12. I am so lucky to have my siblings. My Mother thought us to really appreciate each other so over the years we have remained pretty close and I am doing the same for my kids although they wish they had more siblings to love.

  13. My brother and I are pretty close in age, so growing up we had quite the love/hate relationship. Even into adulthood it was this way. However, my brother recently went through some struggles that brought us closer together and I’m so happy to have him in my life.

  14. I have two siblings, and we get along better now that we are adults. We are not at the point of having to take care of aging parents yet, so I don’t know how that will impact our relationship. My mother has become more estranged with some of her siblings as a results of aging parents.

  15. I can definitely relate to this! when I was young my sister and I used to fight a lot but now, we just laugh about it! lofe is too short not to!

  16. I miss my siblings every day. Moving crossc ourntry was an amazing experience, but I miss them.

  17. I have a younger brother and I totally agree with your post. Sometimes we fought , other times we played nice but despite all our fights, we are the best of friends and I am always sure that no matter what situation I always have a champion in him.

  18. I have 4 siblings and I am the oldest. For now, i’d say communication and relationships are pretty good. of course we all have our lives but we still talk to each other.

  19. I agree. Sibling bonds are so important in our lives and can take so many twists and turns. The dynamic is different in every family, and it is interesting to see your view on the youngest sibling!

  20. Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    I became the closest with my sisters as I aged. I think age and time changes us all including our relationships.

  21. Passion Piece says:

    In my case I’ve never been on that good terms with my brother, but I agree that most of the times it’s a truly beautiful relationship and it’s really unique. It also teaches kids many positive attitudes which can be used in their adult lives in the future. πŸ™‚

  22. I love having siblings. We have a special bond no one else will ever have. Does that mean they don’t drive me nuts sometimes? They absolutely get on my nerves, but it’s still nice to know they will always be there.

  23. i’m lucky my sister and i have a great relationship. family is important, but we always keep in touch and have fun when together.

  24. Michael David Oyco says:

    2nd born here and have heard a lot of tendencies really. But in the end, many factors really matter like how your parents raised you etc. But the more important thing is how you’ll dance with it really.

  25. Hannah Marie says:

    Having sibling could be the best and worse to happen. The experience is so incomparable to anything. This is so accurate.

  26. Tonya Wilhelm says:

    Sibling relationships definitely change over the years. I definitely find that through different life steps you either move apart or you become a whole lot closer.

  27. bmcharnley says:

    My sister and I are 8 years apart! We were on totally different spectrums as far as interests and likes…I think because of the age gap! My daughter doesn’t have any siblings as of yet, but I’d love for her to have one closer in age!

  28. Hi Shubhi,
    I have read this post of yours and I can totally relate with my life. I’ve just crossed my teenage life. I’ve elder brother, we share many secrets. I hope the bond between us remain the same but as you’ve mentioned after marriage this bond slowly becomes weaker. I hope that should not be there in our case.
    Thanks for sharing your views.

  29. Alexandra Cook says:

    I want my kids to grow up with siblings. I love my family very much and would never trade them!

  30. Good to learn a good things from other thank you

  31. I have 2 older sisters. It wasn’t easy growing up because our ages are so close, just 1 or 2 years apart. But now that we are older, we enjoy each other’s company more.

  32. Sibling bond is so special. I love my sibling so much and even if we don’t agree on things at times, I still value their opinions.

  33. Having lots of siblings is like having built-in best friends. I love such articles. Thanks for sharing

  34. Fatima D Torres says:

    The bond between family members is so important. It’s such a lovely connection.

  35. I grew up in Italy. It’s a very family oriented culture and I really that we are so close with our families.

  36. I value my relationships with my siblings even if it means making an extra effort especially since I’m married, my siblings remain to be my best friends in life. Truly, sibling relationships are important and should be nurtured.

  37. I dont have siblings but I have cousins. And only 4 r in touch with me and others never cared. But yes I love your thought about the siblings thing.

  38. Enriqueta Lemoine says:

    I lost my only sister when she was 39. Thant was 15 years ago and still feel that I miss a huge piece of mine. Thank ypur for this beautiful post on one of the best relationship a human being can have.

  39. Bindu Thomas says:

    Having siblings is just so awesome! I am so lucky to have my siblings. Thanks for sharing your views.

  40. I am an only child – I always wanted to have sibling though – it always seems like such a special bond between two people.

  41. Aishwarya Shenolikar says:

    This is such a fun post for siblings. I can go on and on about sibling rivalry but there’s always so much love! Got back some memories!

  42. Chelle Dizon says:

    I have an older brother and a younger brother but I don’t have any sisters. My bestfriend is an only child so we found each other and treat each other as sisters.

    1. this1mommytries says:

      I have a younger brother and we have a strong bond. What a great article, to show the different dynamics.

  43. Oh so trur. My sibling and I didn’t have a rivalry but when she moved out the responsibility grew for me. I do not know how i luckily recieved 4 sisters but hey the more the merrier

  44. simplysensationalfood says:

    I am very close to some of my siblings compared to others. I think it all depends on each other’s personality.

  45. Devyani Ray says:

    Sibling bond is indeed very special majority of the time

  46. As an only child I never really cared about having a sibling until I got older and saw what blessing it is to have a lifelong friend like that.

  47. AnotherFoodBlogger says:

    Totally agree – my relationships w/ my sisters were great when young, then got worse as we grew up but then when we matured became a lot stronger

  48. I have complicated relationship with my siblings so I couldnt speak on my personal relationship. But I know when you get older relationships could get more mature and you can bond better as adults, I bond better with my cousins as I gotten older.

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