Dauntless She

It’s awful to see her fighting with everyone to find some love in return.
She never expected anybody to give her special attention and love.
She did not expect anyone to appreciate her for each and everything, she does for them.
But, she neither expected anyone disrespecting her, the number of times she loses herself for keeping them happy.

She could always go beyond the limit to look after everyone but, never did anyone else did the little thing for her.
Everything is incomplete without her but, her life is always taken for granted.
She is neither mother nor wife. You don’t have to be a mother or wife to live a stressful life.
It can never get easier to hold the physical, mental and emotional stress altogether.
There is a gush of uncontrollable anger and the deep hurts often.
But for now, there is no space left for any love.
She knows, she will never receive love but, that does not stop her from doing everything for everyone again and again.
Her two favorite words would be, “sacrifice and compromise”.
She loses herself 100 times for other’s life but she will never let anyone else lose themselves.
“To be or not to be” is not even an option.

She waited a long way to live a normal life.
With the shattered feelings, she waits for the death.
She is not worried about death, she is worried about people.
All she got is her willpower to keep herself walking on the hellish path.
At the end of the day, she is proud of herself for being so brave all the time.

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