Cycle Of Depression

         “Depression” term is ubiquitous now.

Cycle Of Depression

Olden times, depression was not common to hear. Possibly, people had it but were not aware of the term for it. Since, the internet is accessible to almost all parts of the world now, spreading awareness about depression has become easier. We can notice that campaigns are hosting mental health awareness programs. Depression is a disorder but people are now using the same term for representing sadness. Be it an excess of sadness or depression, there are things that can be helpful to both the things.

During depression, an individual will not have any interest in doing anything. Some people lose their hope in living a normal life. They do not like social interactions.Some of them may stop caring about the ones they love.  Extrovert / ambivert /introvert all of them can feel depression. An individual may show the habit of procrastinating work. The remedy is to reverse these things.

Memories are sometimes hard to deal with. We keep having same old memories passing through our mind often. Remembering good times will keep the mind healthy. But, constantly bad memories pop ups in mind will make things difficult for the person. It affects routine life. It does not let the person to move on to the next phase of life.

Yes, in our life, we meet people that hurt us unexpectedly. We get hurt by our family and friends behavior. We meet strangers who may bring up a fight in the middle of public. We dwell in the thoughts of why someone left us with no reason. We come across the rumors about our character. We face its consequences. We see our people leaving us by believing rumors. When someone leaves us with misunderstandings and do not even bother to discuss the matter, we feel broken. These betrayals and heart-wrenching thoughts run through our minds consistently. We seek for the answers wondering why these things are happening to us.

Often after the small or huge argument, relations end but it’s not always the same. It does not end completely in some cases. There is usually one person waiting at the other side for starting to talk again. There are times, when both sides wait until someone makes a move. When both expect the other person to take a step, ultimately they move on with the life without trying out.

Build the relationship strong enough that no third person shall be able to break it up. The good practice is to discuss matters. Do not walk away without giving a reason. Do not leave someone by hearing rumors from others. Do not assume anyone’s behavior. Try to understand things from different perceptions. Whenever necessary, apologize. It is always better to end the chapters completely. Incomplete chapters of life has the chances of troubling your mind.

We often see there are couples who move on easily. Break up then hook up with someone else immediately and it goes on. Everyone has their own emotion status management.Running away from emotions does not solve issues. It is advisable , sometimes give time to yourself for  understanding what do you exactly want or what are you looking for?

Most of the depressed people have mood swings. They can feel like crying anytime. They can easily get angry. They have the tendency to feel sad without any reason. Whilst some go through the life events that change them into a depressed person.

We shall not ignore depression. We have to put our 100% effort in changing ourselves. The counselors/therapists will try their best to heal us. Taking initiative at the earliest to fight against depression shows the quick results.

We need to analyze the reason for our emotions. We need to look out for the things that can fix it up.The first step to heal from any mental health illness is self-realization. It’s a wake-up call to begin the process of leaving the depression phase. In the beginning steps, you realize what things you had been missing out in your life. The best thing to do is stop the clock of past events. Whatever happened in the past, keep it as past chapters of life. Do not carry it in the present or the future.  The second step is to overcome depression or any sadness is to keep yourself active. Involve yourself in any work or hobbies. Find time to meet your loved ones. Join some social groups or events. Eat healthy food on regular intervals. Drink healthy beverages. We suggest these things to everyone, because these are helpful in building the healthy thoughts in mind.

Easy to say, difficult to do. When the past things are themselves the reasons affecting the present and the future, don’t think about it as the end of good things. Always have in mind, the world is big. We have millions of opportunities to change our life in whichever way possible. Sometimes fate cannot be with us. But, we need to keep going on for what we want.

We cannot replace loss of our loved ones. But, we have to continue living a normal life. Everyone is here in this world for a reason. We all are playing our roles. There is a saying, ”Some of life’s best lessons are learned at the worst times.”

We need to feel every emotion. Experience it , let it sink in us. Let it get out of us as the time passes. We have to move on by completing all the phases of emotions to keep our mind crystal clear.


Life will knock you up multiple times in different forms. You will experience the unexpected things. But ,remember one thing you have to get up ,wake up again and begin the best. Everyone is going through something in their life. We need to remind others, how important and valuable they are !

One of the best thing in life is the emotion we feel in our heart.


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  1. Depression is certainly different from sadness. Depression is a medical condition, that is fortunately now being well-researched with treatment options easily accessible. Good article.

  2. Depression is a serious condition that cannot be taken lightly nor ignored. My mother suffers from depression after she went blind 10 years ago. It is hard for her being not after living such an independent life. Great post.

    1. That’s terrible. When you we can’t live the way we once did, it’s more heart breaking

  3. Eileen M Loya says:

    I am glad that depression or should I say clinical depression is given more attention these days compared to decades ago. Sadness is a transient human emotion and is totally different from depression. I have been diagnosed with depression and I am working closely with my neuro-psychiatrist to manage this illness. He suggested I keep myself pre-occupied with a hobby and I chose to take care of flowering plants. Definitely helped my mood!

  4. Right now, depression is indeed so common unlike in the past and conversations need to be going on around the topic. And also, we have to seriously think about our emotions and let them sink in so that we can know what’s affecting us.

  5. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    Depression is scary. It is a circle hard to break. and it is also a very important subject to bring up!

  6. Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    Depression and anxiety are two things that are very hard to deal with. Many people are embarrassed to admit they struggle with it but, so many do.

  7. I have lived with depression for the last 21 years and understand that it can come in cycles, and often as if from nowhere, I am huge advocate of sharing this.

  8. I think it’s important to recognize with depression is more than just being sad about a certain situation or life event. It should never be dismissed because sometimes we can’t just snap out of it.

  9. Depression affects more people than we probably know. It’s time we erase the stigma and learn it’s not a character flaw.

  10. monidipa51 says:

    Sometimes depression can sneak up on us, seeping into our lives without detection until it hits hard weeks, months, or even years later. Other times it shows up suddenly, like a heavy, wet blanket that has been thrown on top of us.

    Either way, one of depression’s hallmark features is our loss of interest in seemingly everything, whether it’s a favorite pastime or the people closest to you — it can make getting out of bed at all nearly impossible. The world, which once seemed round, flattens out. We’re no longer having any fun and sometimes it’s downright hard to function.

  11. I had suffered from depression when I was diagnosed with cancer. I am just grateful that my family is here for me; supporting me in every decision I make. I guess, the best cure for depression is love, support and family. I had survive my depression period – I was able to accept my sickness and survived it. If you know someone suffering from depression – don’t give up on them even if they are throwing you out. Love them and show them you are always there to listen and not to judge.

  12. Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.It affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can affect each of us differently. I have watched my friend suffer from this for year and the medication has helped.

  13. My husband is a veteran who served in Irak and is currently fighting depression and PTSD. Although the journey is his, the battle is ours. We are working on it as a team.

  14. Depression is common these days but the best thing is to handle it properly.

  15. I suffer from depression, I write about depression and I seek out others who write about their own experiences or just help to keep it on the agenda. This post was a great read.

  16. Depression to me seems like a touchy subject for some people. I think sometimes depressed people feel as if they have no one to help them. I hope those that are going through it, seek the help they need to get better.

  17. I struggle with this as well, it always seems to be worse right after winter comes to an end.

  18. Depression is a thing and I have experienced it during my postpartum days. While many say it’s a phase, it really needs some treatment and attention. Hope your post helps many who are looking for help.

    1. Yes Sophie, without treatment the person will be in more bad stage. Thank you for reading 😊

  19. Even today not enough people get the courage to talk openly about depression. This is a medical condition and it’s not easy to get rid of it without professional help.

    1. Depression is a serious illness. People should not just use it loosely to define a feeling of sadness so as not to confuse others.

  20. very nice information for everybody who has depression. Well Done!

  21. Great article. This is the right time right post for me. I am not so sure about me depressing but I think I am on the way right now because of my workplace politic.

      1. Keep yourself active, is my thing to beat the big D. And music helps too

  22. These days many people are talking about depression openly. It’s always good to open yourself to reveal pain.

  23. Devyani Ray says:

    Depression is tough. It’s that feeling of emptiness that cannot be explained. A lot of people use the term depression loosely, which is so wrong . I wish no one ever goes through this.

  24. this is great info, I had post partum depression and seasonal depression during winters because my father had passed away in december of 2014

  25. Depression is something that should not be taken lightly. It is a condition that needs a lot of time, effort and a lot of help. I have suffered from it in the past and it is not fun at all. Thanks for this article.

  26. It is important to medically understand depression and anxiety and not confuse them with a mood or state of mind.

  27. Neil Alvin Nicerio says:

    Very informative blog about depression -the least known and understood killer. I will share this to my friends.

  28. Depression is a serious topic I’m glad that you brought it up and to let everyone aware of it.

  29. Depression runs in my family going way back…but i have found that controlling my mind and thoughts is key! Much better at catching myself and refocusing on what makes me happy!

  30. Hey,

    Thanks for sharing such informative content. Things are well defined and the way of defining is really awesome. Most of the things were unknown to me.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative guide.
    Aashirvad Kumar

  31. Depression can kill many people silently like to think about suicide or anything. They seek help Life is a very unfair sometimes.

  32. Drea Anderson says:

    Good to see more and more light is being shed on depression. Mental health has not been taken seriously enough in the past and we often are too late to help those in trouble.

  33. As someone who has suffered from depression on and off for my whole life, I truly appreciate this article.

  34. Depression is such a complicated world and process, both for the sufferer and his/her loved ones. You did a beautiful job explaining the steps and process behind depression!

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