Cycle Of Alcoholism

Cycle Of Alcoholism
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Nothing new in talking about addiction to drinks. We keep talking, reading, and listening to how to overcome the addiction. How do people get addicted to this habit? Do they have a choice to discontinue? What is the Cycle Of Alcoholism?

Any type of Addiction is a habit developed by anyone and anytime. A person having no problems in life can also be seen habituated towards alcoholism. Drinking is part of the celebration and also depression.

We watch love stories movies that show a character gets addicted to alcohol because of heartbreak. One need not have any tragic life stories reason to develop this habit. The common reason can be the way an individual was brought up by the family and friends. The way a person easily gets influenced by the circle of friends/colleagues who drink. People who get influenced by watching movies/series wherein the character/actor drinks to show the high-class attitude or drinks during the crisis period.

If a regular drinker gets affected by depression, then the person eventually starts depending on alcohol. It is common for regular drinkers to use alcohol, in order to, take out the frustration and anger. We hang around with friends and share our stories. We take drinks to overcome our sadness. Yes, drink can cheer you up for the moment. Some of you may go through the drink effects after hours. Once the hangover vanishes, things can come back to routine. Drinking occasionally without being mentally affected or emotionally affected reasons is all right. When you drink every day for a week then stop it, thereby, your self-realization does not make it as a norm. It means you know how to manage things. But, you have to be careful enough to not have an excess during the rough times of life. For this reason, it is advisable to drink once, drink twice but don’t drink third time. Because this will hit your emotions. There is a possibility that you will burst your emotions into tears. You will feel helpless. Sometimes it can strike your anger. You will have no control over your anger. In the absence of anger control, you may harm your loved ones or strangers. You will end up throwing up stuff around you, here and there. Breaking pieces of stuff or hitting others will not solve your issues. It causes you to pay the bills to repair your non-living things. This unmanageable behavior/reaction will take you away from your loved ones which cannot be fixed with money. You may not know what words you use against your loved ones. You will not realize how much you may beat/hurt your family or friends. Sometimes, your unethical behavior can affect strangers too and it may land you up in jail. In the absence of mind, you create damages leading to an imbalanced life.

In order to balance our life, we need to avoid drinking more than twice in a week. Once a person gets addicted, he/she will spend all the money on purchasing drinks. When their mind is completely addicted to it, they will lose the focus on work. There are cases, wherein people have lost their jobs because of this practice. Whether they lose the job or not, they develop a tendency to borrow money from others. All that money is spent into getting drinks for their satisfaction. Even the strongest person will become weak. There is a fear of not falling short of supply of drinks. There is a big smile: once the filled bottle is in hand, and there is the saddest face: once all the bottles are over. The addiction does not stop on drinks. Slowly one develops smoking and taking drugs. Altogether, once a normal person, later can also get shattered. The mind will not have a good quality of thinking ability. Such people do not like anyone restricting their habit. They will start hating the ones who do not support their addiction. Since they do not have a healthy mind, they will not realize the care provided by others. They will have zero realization about the effects of their behavior on others.


Hey drinker:  Maybe once you were a good person. But, you may not be perceived in the same way. Because this habit changes the person into a liar. You will keep finding reasons to drink. You will start lying to your beloved ones to borrow the money. You will not enjoy with non-alcoholic friends. In a prolonged time, it will affect health. In case, you have a good habit of balancing your health with other diets, your chances of suffering from health issues can be lower than others. But, effects on mind will remain the same. Meditating every day and drinking every day will not go hand in hand. Meditation is helpful in relaxing hormones and stable the mind with positive thoughts. But, if you consistently drink every day then you cannot expect any benefits from meditation.

The human body is like a plant. If you water the plants and keep it in the relative weather, it will grow in a nice formation. If you add harmful chemicals to the plants along with the water daily, it will die sooner. In a similar manner, we can add a good diet to our diet but adding alcohol to it will harm our mind first and then physical health. We cannot save plants. But, we can save ourselves as early as possible. We can detoxify our body and rejuvenate with a good lifestyle by saying goodbye to alcoholism. At most, we can learn to restrict the number of glasses per week.

Saying is easier than doing it. It is not at all possible to drop the addiction in one go for everyone. Few folks can drop this habit by taking breaks on and off. This is why, we have addiction-free centers. The addiction free helplines provide different methods to get rid of harmful habits. When your family and friends are asking you to take the treatment, then please go for it. Do not sit there and argue with them. They care for you. They want to see you in a better form.

Health and Weather also play roles.
We can drink it in winter to warm our body. Drinking in high-temperature summer locations will not be good for everyone. The health issues along with the weather will not be capable of absorbing the effects of alcoholism. Hence, we can take the precaution by checking the weather conditions and our health stability.

People who think drinking, smoking and taking drugs will solve the problems are clear- cut fools. It releases the hormones which will make you feel good for a few minutes or hour. If you consider it as a solution to relax you every day, it will show adverse effects. Remember, anything in excess is never good.

Make the right choice!

Make the right choice! In the 21st century,  depression is not a rare thing. Not every patient is choosing alcohol to overcome their depression. They are changing their lifestyle and following counseling therapy.  Do not make wrong choices that will miss out the best things of your life.


Next time you buy bottles, buy paint bottles. You may not know how to paint so just splash the colors on the white paper. You may start developing painting skills. You may start expressing your emotions through painting. Painting is an art that will give you advantages which is better than the loss given by alcohol. Involve yourself in the hobbies or activities to calm down your anger. Keep yourself busy and healthy to stay away from addiction.

Thought for the day:

“Don’t drink and drive. Save yours and other’s life.”




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  1. Bindu Thomas says:

    Very true and informative. Drinking is never a solution to anything. It takes a lot of courage to say no to becoming an addict.

  2. Alcoholism runs in my family, which makes me more careful. However, I do still drink socially from time to time. You need to be aware.

  3. This can be tough to go through. I do know some alcoholics who constantly struggle with drinking. It makes me glad to know that I rarely reach for the booze.

  4. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to try and get over an alcohol addiction. I am so glad that I don’t need booze!

  5. This is a good and informative post. Alcoholism is a very serious issue that families and friends deal with when it comes to the addicted loved ones. In this scenario, everyone suffers, not just the drinker.

      1. lbosworth says:

        Drinking too much can lead to so many problems: health, financial, social. That’s why I don’t drink alcohol.

  6. lbosworth says:

    Drinking too much can lead to so many financial, social and health problems. That’s why I don’t drink.

  7. Alcohol can make you do stupid things and it is very hard to overcome this addiction. I avoid alcohol as I have seen the effects on how it can ruin peoples lives.

  8. I don’t understand how people can bring themselves to be addicted to alcohol, especially when hangovers are so nasty. It’s nice to have a glass or two, but not to the point where you get wasted every night.

  9. Mavs Escala says:

    I have a friend who is alcoholic and I will send this article to her. I am sure she will learn something from this.

  10. Alcoholism is a very serious disease. Unfortunately, it’s not something one can just choose not to suffer from. This of course, goes for all chemical dependencies.

  11. It’s such a multifaceted thing for the people who deal with it (as the one drinking and the ones watching it happen). It’s such a difficult balance between compassion and tough love when it comes to this stuff.

  12. Shannon Graham says:

    I know that it ran in my family. It was a bad habit that just kept making them all go in circles. Terrible to watch and be helpless to stop.

  13. monidipa51 says:

    I, sometime back did a guest post on my site about raised by alcoholic parents. abuse and alcoholism can have devastating impacts on families. Spouses of people with alcohol problems may be at an increased risk for emotional or physical abuse. Your post is really very helpful dear. I’m sharing your this post on twitter.

    1. Thank you Monidipa for reading and sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ I had actually written “effects on spouse due to alcohol ” last year. I wrote it for some company.

  14. blair villanueva says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I wonder if the people who owns wine vineyards and breweries are alcoholic?

  15. I had a big alcohol problem in my teen years. Nobody actually paid attention to it cause they didn’t realize that “well behaved” teens can actually face these problems too. I am homophobic and alcohol was helping me. Alot at that time. Wish more ppl could openly talk about this

    1. Thank you for sharing about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s good that you could self-realize it. Most people fail to self-realize their actions.

  16. Brittany Vantrease says:

    My dad was an alcoholic and even after he became sober, many of the tendencies that he had, like anger and distrust, followed him. Alcoholism doesn’t just affect the person, it affects those around them.

  17. This is so true. I know people that have destroyed their lives because of this terrible addiction. I like the idea of painting and relieving stress instead. Thanks for sharing!

    Candace Hampton

  18. Alcoholism is serious addiction, luckily anybody in family has it . I know it destroy not only the person but also people surrounding him.

  19. bmcharnley says:

    This is such an important topic of discussion. Thanks for explaining and bringing it to light

  20. Devyani Ray says:

    Everything in moderation is ok. I agree with almost everything you stated here. But drinking and driving is never ok . Agree a 100%

  21. These are nice tips. I donโ€™t go drink alcohol otherwise I would follow these tips.

  22. These are very good tips for those who need it. I only have drinks on new year’s eve and only with family, so thankfully I have never had an issue with this. But, I do know people that have struggled in the past.

  23. These are all really great tips. It is definitely very important to be able to keep the balance between social drinking and drinking being a problem. Thanks for sharing!

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