Cuppa Coffee & a diary

A Cup of coffee & a diary (Summary of life)


Cuppa Coffee & a diary


A cup of coffee and a diary looks a perfect moment. πŸ™‚

Many of us have the habit of maintaining a diary filled with our day-to-day life chores. Noticeably, with the daily mundane activities, it is not easy to update diary on a daily basis.

Most of the people find diary writing a total boring task. Diary is even perceived as a friend for an introvert.


Some people have a diary to write about their future plans or dreams. Just imagine, what if the list of wishes we write in our diary starts happening in real, isn’t it magic?? Of course, no one reads your diary, yet you tend to focus on your wishes so much that all the positive energy makes most of your wishes come true.


At times, when we often get so used to writing in a diary, it feels like the diary is talking to us. Diary is not just dumped memories. It consists of all the collections of happy memories that would make us go back to the same pages to read it again and again by losing ourselves into the memories that come alive. Total nostalgia, right?

Sometimes we fail to share secrets or dreams or be it any topic with close ones. Hence, it’s comfortable to write in a diary and relax our mind.

It’s not that every time we write good things in a diary, most of the times it’s about having a bad day or bad moments with someone.

How I feel?

As Enoch Powell  says -“To write a diary every day is like returning to one’s own vomit.” This can be possible with pessimistic ones but writing day-to-day can make you realize your flaws and strengths. This, in turn, helps out to improve you more as a person. It’s also useful during befuddling times.

I think as long as writing in the diary makes you feel better , ultimately allows you to keep your hopes alive. We keep writing whatever comes to our mind and therefore, it actually implies we are having a  talk with ourselves.

Diary acts as a mirror ,it’s a scribbled note from your mind,an avalanche of thoughts poured at one place. Believe strongly in whatever you think & just watch. If you do so everything will eventually follow up.

 There are folks who use  the diary to update travel life or wishes of visiting places.


It’s always a  good habit to write about places, adventurous things you do and sticking photos around it. Travel diaries are happening ones and always brings a huge smile on one’s face.

We know people who let the diary sound like a big deal. Some of them write in a diary so that it can be read by someone else whilst others want to keep it as a mystery.

Happiness is “Taking out some time from all the hustle- bustle to write down something while having  a sip of coffee .”

coffee and diary

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  1. Yea I had diaries too….but not daily stuff kind… am writing on my fb page and blog….feeling good now….nice post

  2. I have kept a diary my entire life. I’m really into Bullet journaling at the moment.

  3. Great post! I have tried so many times to start a diary but I never am able to keep up with it from day to day.

  4. Michael David Oyco says:

    Coffee, yes. Diary? That is why I am having my personal blog. =D

  5. I did keep a diary when I was younger. Now, I just use my blog!

  6. Tessa Christianson says:

    Writing can definitely be therapeutic for many people when processing their thoughts. I tend to be a verbal processor so my friends and family serve as my living diary! I think it is a wonderful thing to journal though, and to be able to look back and see the journey.

  7. Oh these are great! Before blogging became a thing, I kept a diary and my blog is still like a diary except that now, I thrive on anyone who likes to read it. πŸ˜› Indeed, a cup of coffee makes the whole diary writing experience a much more enjoyable one.

  8. I used to have a diary as a kid. I mostly talked about how I liked so and so and what sucked that day. However, for some people writing a diary can be therapeutic. When you go to a therapist, you talk to them. You say what you’ve been holding inside and then, with luck, you get better.

  9. I have a diary, is important for me, especially when it comes to planning my tasks, and keeping track of everything am doing.

  10. It’s been so long since I actually wrote down in a notebook, I used to keep a diary and then technology happened and now my diary is online and is known as my blog. Haha

    Coffee for me makes me write so much better. πŸ˜›

  11. I have pretty notebooks that have ideas packed in them. I would love to take the time and fill a diary but I just don’t have the time.

  12. My blog acts as my diary today, but I do love using pen and paper to write my posts before typing them out. I also love a good to-do list and grocery list on paper.

  13. swathiiyer says:

    I used to write diaries when I was teenager now I my diaries are filled dead lines to finish the project.

  14. I love the design of the coffee. Oh well my life dairy is my blog site πŸ™‚

  15. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    I cup of coffee and a diary is a great idea disregarding the timing. Wonderful opportunity just for yourself

  16. My daughter is 19 and she loves to keep a journal. She’s been doing it for years and years.

  17. Princess Quinn says:

    Having a diary to me is quite authentic. I find things more beautiful when it’s documented. So when there’s a time that you’d want some wonderful throwbacks, you don’t need a phone or an internet connection to do so.

  18. Tadpoles And Mud Puddles says:

    This is one of my favorite morning rituals. My coffee and planning, dreaming, or complaining to my bullet journal. I feel better than start my day.

  19. I have secret diary with me in which I wrote about secret of myself and best thing in that diary is that it is locked πŸ˜›

  20. I used to keep a diary but I don’t anymore. Anything that I write in my diary, I write on the blog.

  21. I have diaries too and it’s something that makes me feel calmer everytime I write my thoughts on it. I gueess blogging is like that in a sense for me, it’s therapeutic!

  22. I got my first diary when I was really young and kept one pretty much through high school. Once I got to college keeping a diary was harder, but now blogging is kind of like a diary to me.

  23. I love journaling. I don’t do it as regularly than when I was a teen but I love looking back and reading what I sounded like and what mattered to me at a particular point in time

  24. I used to keep a journal when I was a kid. I even had one that was shared amongst friends. This really brings back good memories. Journaling with pen and paper really helps you work out your thoughts as does blogging.

  25. I also like to keep a diary too and i agree thats its hard to keep it up-to-date on a daily basis. But maybe just the highlights will do. Dont have to be everyday

  26. Waren Jean Go says:

    I use to have a diary when I was young but my mom and sister keep on reading it and can seem to find it wherever it was hidden so I stopped. Now I want to go back to making diaries again.

  27. It is hard to keep up with a diary, but so helpful in many ways.

  28. AnotherFoodBlogger says:

    I’ve never had a diary. I like the concept of one – to write down your thoughts and help clear your head. Am I too old to start now?

  29. simplysensationalfood says:

    I am not a dairy writer but sometimes I wish I had so that I can look back on my thoughts.

  30. I love journaling. I find it relaxing and it is a great way to get a bunch of emotions out and just have a creative outlet as well.

  31. I used to keep a diary, but then my mom read it and yelled at me for what I wrote in it, lol. I think that traumatized me because I’ve never had a diary since!

  32. My daughter writes in her journal daily. It’s something she’s loved to do for years.

  33. Hannah Marie says:

    I think having a diary is pretty cool. The thought and existence of documenting is nice. I love it very much.

  34. I used to have a diary when I was younger but now my blog is my diary.

  35. As a kid, I use to write diary on a daily basis but now I hardly get the time to do so. I miss those days totally and my dear diary too

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