Covid Parody

Note: I take precautions and I believe everyone should take this pandemic seriously. Wrote this simple parody for the people who still don’t want to understand pandemic 2020.

Covid is my best friend
I don’t wear mask
Because covid can’t harm me

Covid is my best friend
He will only harm my enemies

I don’t believe in sanitizer
It is a fancy thing
I will touch anywhere
I will touch anyone
Me and covid will work together

I pretend to wear mask
Mask on my neck
Mask in my hand
I makes sure mask not on my nose
I keep used mask anywhere
Sometimes, I don’t even realise
Where did my mask flew away
I pretend to love my people
Because covid is my best friend

I will hang around in groups ,
We will brag about lockdown
Chit chat on go go corona
Because I support covid

I believe my best friend covid is racists,
I gossip, I blame others that they will spread it
But I am overconfident
I am not responsible for this pandemic
My best friend covid can’t betray me

Until the vaccine is released
Until the vaccine is successful
Until the vaccine is reachable to every single person on this earth
I will continue my foolishness & stupidity
Stupidity of being friends with covid
by spreading it everywhere
Instead of taking precautions & saving myself and every innocent soul…

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