Covid-19 Safety Measures

Coronavirus safety measures has nothing to do with literate and illiterate people. It is all about ignorance rather depends on person’s behavior. Covid-19 lockdown all over the world has taught lessons to people in different ways. This lockdown period has made impact on people’s mental health in various ways.

Lockdown Effects

When all the family members stay in the house, they have to deal more with each other mentally and emotionally. Not everyone has happy family. It becomes difficult for complicated relationships to carry out each day smoothly. There are more chances of rising domestic violence as the bullys get the chance to be violent with other family members all the time. On other hand, people working from home find it difficult to find privacy for work at home. There are families who do not get along well with each other. There are heated arguments over taking responsibility of daily mundane. It’s difficult to manage basic needs as the lockdown has also given rise to financial crisis. It is difficult for people to stay inside home with mentally ill , any health sickness family members, and kids.Not only that , there are some dramatic family members that can affect everyone’s mood at home . For this reason, the level of frustrations and mental stress is high . Unfortunately we can’t ignore the stress by living inside home with the same bothering people every day. Lockdown indeed affects dysfunctional families leading to extreme stress atmosphere inside house .

Issues of Ignorant People

1] People find it boring to stay at home. Hence,  educated or uneducated ones are stepping outside home.
2] People don’t believe in washing hands kill germs so they avoid it. Most of them  don’t like to wash hands or keep clean. There are certain non-believers who think sanitizer is a fancy thing by assuming it as of no use.
3] Not many people like to take steps of covering their mouth during cough and sneeze . People don’t seem to use sanitizer to wash hands after coughing and sneezing.
4] Despite of warnings , still celebration are unstoppable. Even small gettogether function is taking risk against covid.
5] Covidiots don’t understand the cooperation  to be developed inside home and outside home to avoid coming in contact with this  virus.

How to fight with this covid 19 ?

Some families are in need of daily basic needs everyday. Especially, the ones who have babies or need any medical assistance for a patient at home.

1] Learn the methods/steps of using masks & gloves and how to remove it after use.
2] Try to cover body more with clothes while outside and use hand sanitizer often.
3] Don’t use your hand on face unnecessarily without washing hands.
4] Maintain social distance even with your friends or close families
5] Avoid  touching things or people outside
6] Disinfect mobile , laptop and floor with disinfect liquid  solution.
Avoid using mobile often when outside and use disinfecting solution for mobile immediately after coming home or office.
7] Don’t go for panic buying if your govt has assured enough supplies.
8] Since we need to avoid going out often,  you can buy the stock of one or two weeks but don’t buy yearly stock. Every person in this world right now is in need of grocery items. This is not the time to be selfish but to use a common sense to buy only the necessary stock and leave the rest for others too.
9] Don’t send old age person, low immune person  ,kids and mother of infants to the market. 
10] Every time after coming from outside,  don’t touch anywhere or anyone immediately at home. If you are using washable masks and gloves then keep it directly for wash. Don’t forget to follow the proper steps of removing masks and gloves to avoid virus infect. If you are using use and throw gloves then throw it directly in trash. In other way, avoid keeping used gloves  anywhere in house. Wash your hands , legs , & face properly. Try to use bit warm water. Taking shower is a good option too.
11] Wash the grocery packets immeditely and  keep it away for sometime. Otherwise,  keep it few hours in warm room or under hot sun. Only keep the items that can survive in hot sun. Later on, wash it.
Similarly, wash fruits in a bit warm water and salt water.
12] If any family member  has similar covid symptoms , one can opt for covid 19 test.
13] If the family member has any other sickness then give them relatable medicines and home remedies to improve immunity strength.
14] Avoid unnecessary visits to hospital as there are posssibility of other covid patients in there.
15] Be careful when you are helping strangers . There are strangers asking people to help them by dialing number on their phone but they don’t speak on call. Don’t touch strangers phone or things.
16] Don’t use covid data to create fights for showing love to your favourite politic leader. People are losing their loved one’s life. Doctors and nurses are giving up their own self care and family members to keep you safe.
Enough of evilness had already been around the world. Let’s not mess it up more with politic agenda.
17] Quarantine is the best feasible solution to stop spreading the virus. Follow the quarantine rules in your country to save your’s and everyone’s life.
18] If you wish to participate in voluntary work to help other people, you can do so in this ways :
# Buy groceries,vegetables, medical aid, etc.
# Supply food to poor people
# Help old age and health issues people who can’t step outside home for buying basic things.
19] If you find anyone outside not following the mask and social distancing rules, try to tell them the necessary guidelines.

The only best thing  we can do right now is to take care of each other with love and not hatred.

Follow simple hygienic methods daily.
Intake healthy foods to keep the immunity strong .
Exercise at home or around home area,
but maintain  social distance.
Explore your talents. Learn new things.
Stop hatred in society with politic issues  and
stop comparison of celebrity donations.
Stay updated with covid news, but don’t spread any rumors of covid.
Stay positive ,stay strong & spread the love .
Let’s not let anyone fight this battle alone .
It’s everyone’s battle , please help each other.

This post will keep updating based on new informations.
If you would like to share any new helpful tips , please do it by writing in comment box here.

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