Common Man’s Demands

We don’t need hefty charges on traffic rules,

which is not affordable by a common man.

We follow rules all the time.

If we break rules, we pay.

We need developed roads and potholes.

If you break rules, we lose a precious life.

We don’t need super speed underground bullet train

short duration transport from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

We need a proper drainage/ sewage system all over the country.

Encouragement to business industry is a good idea.

But, we don’t need around 5 supermarkets ,2 malls next to small grocery stores and vegetable markets.

Why do we have 10 plus big hospitals below the coverage of 2km,

when none of them can provide the right treatment?

We don’t need illegal practices, we need real doctors.

Why do we have many branded big pharmacy stores next to each other surrounded with small pharmacies?

We don’t need more lavishing restaurants, when there is less supply of fruits and vegetables in the market for the common man.

We don’t need more branded malls, showrooms, list of expensive clothing stores,

when we have enough of poverty line.

We don’t need selfies of cleaning trash, we need the clean roads and surroundings.

How much effort does it take to impose a mandatory water conservation methods and supply a pure drinking water supply?

When you encourage women empowerment,

Please encourage speedy justice by giving cruel penalties to the criminals.

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