Chronically ill but skilled

Chronically ill but skilled!

From being an expert at hiding symptoms well

to eventually someday becoming a disabled person

From wanna be always on bed

to wanna live a normal life

Also, forgetting what it feels like

to have a normal body!

With the slightest symptom reduction,

rises a hope of beginning a normal life ahead

From questioning the lack of medical research

to finding self home remedies

From being unknown to the medical terms

to knowing the symptoms more than the doctor

Wanna achieve the dreams and wishes

to in reality making normal mundane as little wishes of life

Neither treated as disabled nor as abled

struggles to earn a daily bread

While the scientists did a great job of traveling to another planet

There still seems to be lack of right treatment for the lives on earth

The peak of mental strength to fight with

everyday unpredictable life risks symptoms

just became the routine chart

Will there ever be certifications

for the level of pains

for every next flare challenge??

Shubhi Patil

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