Choice is all yours!

Want to play double role or be a clean soul?
Pour the magic of love or spread the viciousness of venom?
Loot the money or earn with honesty?
Misuse the benefits or be the humble one?
Steal the credits or give the right credit?
Be the copy cat or be the creative maker?
Be the whiner or be the butterfly?
Hard work with less real rewards or
smart work with more fake rewards?
Live the life in a simple way or
destroy the life in a complicated way?
A little help to big help or
a seen to unseen mode ignorance?
A kindness sweet soul or
a full of ego & envy antagonist?
Turn back to the ones who lifted you up
or dump them with your sheer ignorance?
Be grateful or be ungrateful
to what you have or you don’t have?
Give respect to the worthy person
or disrespect with your narrowness?
Delay the justice or use the common voice?
Bring the equality of living or
carry the equal hatred?
Judge every person or judge the time?
Use common sense or loose the sense?
Choice is all yours!

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