Choice between parents and life-partner

If one begins to do a survey, the result will show up the number of families which don’t support  choice of life partner still exits on a bad number.


Parents don’t accept the life partner of their children easily. They have issues with the caste, religion, racism, salary, etc.
Dear parents, don’t give choice of love. If you give a choice to choose between you and the life partner, then you are a bad parent.

As a good parent, one will only wish for the happiness of a child. If we notice that the life partner has certain bad qualities behavior wise, then we can discuss it with our children. Remember love is blind. Children don’t easily listen to the parent’s arguments in the first conversation, hence, it is always advisable to have conversations often. Tell them what things need to be set right but don’t fight with them or give them the hard choice.

Apart from bad behavior , the rest of the things should never matter. Falling in love is not always a logical thing. It is a complete emotional relationship. People who choose the right life partner often know what’s right for them. A lack of financial support can always be fulfilled together by both partners. A culture mix up can always be adjusted and enjoyed together. Moreover, you can always support them to make their life better rather than worse by going against them.


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