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OCD Is Not A Joke!
Chapter 1


As per Indian tradition in the early morning , women put rangoli in front of the house. Rangoli is an art form that is meant to produce positive energy for the home. The same tradition is being followed by my mother.

rangoli chap 2
A tradition turned into a nightmare. One of the ocd type is Scrupulousity OCD. Scrupulousity OCD involves deep religious thoughts. There is a fear of doing any mistake that will make the person angry their respective God/Goddess.  It disrupts their mind when anyone goes against their ritual methods. Even the Pandits, Father or any superior person of religion will not agree with this person’s rituals. Such people will keep doing different remedies of overcoming sins repeatedly. In Hindu, there are long duration of different pujas and havans. So, the person will keep doing such puja havans every now and then. This person will not pray to God without taking bath. Even if the bath is already taken but the visit to temple or prayer to God is after few hours then the person will once again take bath prior to it. Similarly, christain person may repeatedly visit the confession room. In Muslim, while washing hands before the prayer, the person will wash his/her hands multiple times to feel the purity.
These people have strong belief in black magic. There is a fear of people doing black magic for which they find ways to protect themselves from black magic. Person with Scruplousity OCD will love preaching about God and religion to others. They want everyone to believe in their principles ,their thoughts, their rituals and follow the same.
Normally, only on occasions big rangolis or colourful rangolis are made.
But in my family, my mother started making big rangoli as compulsion for daily routine. Normal people clean the area by sweeping or they just use some cloth to wipe off the floor. Following it, they  make simple and small or border rangolis. My mother used to do same.

How the repetation and behavior changed?

The next step, she did is that she made me put big rangoli for complete month on every festival. Indians have so many festivals by which one can know the number of days of we designing rangoli are higher. Then she changed to putting big rangoli daily.
Alongside, her rule was sweeping and mopping only one time before putting rangoli.
Then during festival months,   (sweeping , mopping and put rangoli) twice a day.
The next thing , she started hallucinating that neighbour is doing some black magic.
She imagined ,neigbour drops Kumkum -a red powder or Angar- a grey powder on rangoli. Then she thought someone coming in front of our door daily from neighbour’s house and doing black magic. This is completely her hallucination.

How it got mixed with OCD?

She started cleaning front door and front place with dry cloth then wet cloth. She swept and mopped floor before rangoli. She changed timings of a day of putting rangoli so that neigbour don’t do black magic. It was all in her mind but she made real rules based on her beliefs. Then she forced us to create a window in the passage which is closer to the neighbour window.

Next level is this :

She sweeps the floor then mops the small floor 10 times and then cleans the beside little stone bench and door then mops the floor again . Then she cleans window with dry cloth then with wet cloth. Then she mops floor. Once again, she sprinkles water on the floor and wipes the floor with another cloth. Overall, total 4 clothes and sweeping rod , mop rod, and a bucket full of water only for this small matter.
She does not take bucket used for cleaning inside house . Because, she thinks goddess will enter house. Hence, dirt should not come inside. Therefore, the bucket should be taken inside home later after hours. You may have got confuzzled with this stanza of repeatative tasks. Imagine the same lines are actually acted in real, the amount of stress that goes around in doing the same task excess of time.
Since , Rangoli is a form of art ,  one could take this task positively and do it daily but the amount of stress involved with the Scruplousity OCD is unbearable. We have to avoid neighbour contact and if neigbour step out then she will think that they did black magic . Even if they don’t step out , she will still assume same because of her hallucination.

As previously explained, there is a fear of what will god or goddess do.
For example, she makes it compulsion to  draw shree symbol in rangoli without fail.
Moreover, throughout the process of rangoli, she is panicked and in  angry mood. Hence, anything going wrong triggers  her to create a worse day for all . All these beliefs increased the hallucination and she decided to leave this place to get rid of neigbour ‘s black magic(unreal thing. ) My mother has done unbearable dramas at home for this simple things. Her mind does not accept breakage in this repeation process and anyone against her such hallucinated beliefs. This thing has broken the relationship with good neigbour. We can’t face them or talk to them because she has restricted us. If we do so, then she will create an unforgettable trauma for all.

Please note, this post has no intention of saying anything against any religions. It is based on the sources, that explain how it can involve different religions. It is more about the OCD person and less about a religion. It only shows how a strong abnormal belief reaches higher than normal belief of god or goddess and supernatural things.

Know the things:

There is a need to take precautions. Don’t take the pattern changes of your loved ones lightly because with the development of symptoms , things get uncontrollable. It will lead to inviting more mental disorder symptoms. Each task is repeated multiple times. The person does not do  the work all alone  but asks some family members to do it. Please note that the ocd person does not enjoy doing such stress work. This stress work also affects their emotions and they feel frustrated to do it and at the same time avoiding work will give them a breakdown. This drains energy, valuable time for all family members and acts as an obstacle for other work or self time. Doing unnecessary work daily turns into an unavoidable stress for everyone. Because of one person’s mental imbalance, other family memebers eventually get mentally affected.

Society does not accept such levels of OCD. My neighbours make fun of us . When I tried explaining them first time about her other mental disorder . They denied to accept the term, mental disorder and said, “Your mother is a weird person.”.

We can’t tell every outsider, what mental disorder is!
We can only try our best to aware the world about mental health through different mediums.

To conclude, if we have symptoms then we should accept and meet doctors for the diagnose and respective treatment. In the same way, we should be understanding towards our family member’s any mental disorder and insist them to take the treatment.

Tip :
“Believe in whatever you want, but know the fine line of balancing your belief.”


OCD Is Not A Joke!

Chapter 1


How to control anxiety at night time?

How to control anxiety at night time

There are levels of anxiety. At different levels, an individual experiences varied symptoms. Sometimes it is possible to control the symptoms sooner. Anxiety can be reduced with the help of someone or through self-relaxing methods. There are wide reasons of developing anxiety. Hence, depending on the reason, the person may or may not need a medical treatment specifically for anxiety. The duration of treatments also differ from person to person. Some anxiety people can develop panic attacks in the future. Panic attacks again vary in symptoms, levels, and reasons. Anxiety and panic attacks occurs due to triggering event and sometimes it can happen without any reason. A hidden reason actually implies stress from physical work and events stored in subconscious mind.

Unexpected anxiety symptoms and panic attack leaves the person in a dubiety. Sometimes people may need to go through emergency admit or immediate medicines. Some people may need assistance of physically present family member , friend or any known person. The times of having someone around is helpful. But, what can one possibly do when he/she is alone at home or any place? How can one manage these symptoms alone at night time?

We cannot depend on others all the time. We may not be staying nearby to the hospitals for an immediate response. At such times, these are the tips which can be followed especially at night time as well as whenever you are alone:

1] Breathe and Count the breathing

Breathing is one of the beneficial exercise to calm down our body from any kind of stress. We say count the breathe and breathe slowly. During the anxiety or panic attacks, the person’s mind is rattled in turn, signaling the physical body to feel uneasiness. Breathing helps in managing the blood pressure levels. This indirectly helps in lowering the restless thoughts.

2] Post Stickers

Begin sticking motivating stickers around your room. Whenever you wake up in the middle of the night with worries or when you are unable to sleep, reading the motivating stickers will relax your mind. If you cannot get easily motivated by common motivation stickers, then write your brave times on stickers/ papers. Reminding yourself of how strong you were, will help you in feeling better again.

3] Post Photo Frames

Similar to putting up stickers, hanging photos of yours or your loved ones will never make you feel lonely. When you watch those photos, your mind will reverse back to positivity and good memories. This will help in cleaning out the darkness moment of anxiety and panic attacks.

4]Stop focusing on anxiety groups

We don’t want to be feel alone. We don’t want to suffer alone. But, there is a fine line between finding people with same illness and promoting the illness. If you think you are suffering from it, then find helpful posts or sources to recover. The better choice is to meet the doctor for the right diagnose. There are groups and forums on internet, wherein people keep writing how they are feeling. Once you know what symptoms you have, focus on how you can improve it. If you keep re-reading other people’s symptoms, there is strong possibility for your mind to behave same.
Negativity is food for anxiety. So, try to keep yourself away from things that can affect you.

5] Display Positive Vibes

Apply positive , motivational or happy wallpapers on your cellphone, desktop or similar devices. Since, majority of the people use screens all the time. These screens can bring a smile on your face often.

6] Food is First-Aid box

Yes, you read it right ! Vitamin deficient people are prone to anxiety triggers. Whether or not you have a vitamin deficiency, this simple diet will help you out. Keep a bowl or a box of fruit beside your bed. Fruits such as Fuji apple and green jujube helps in quick relief to physical symptoms. Any kind of similar juicy and fresh fruits are helpful in lowering anxiety. Do not take citric acid fruits like oranges on empty stomach because it can increase acidity levels. Although oranges are helpful in reducing stress, in taking on an empty acidic stomach is a bad idea. Keep a box of a sandwich or simple bread-jam next to your bed. Make a habit of keeping fruit juice bottles beside your bed. You can even keep dry fruit – raisins. Whenever you have unexpected severe anxiety or panic attacks, these foods supply will help you in an immediate recovery. While many people complain about nausea as one of their symptoms, these simple items will reduce the nausea too.  In case, you have different health issues, then consult your doctor or dietitian to know whether you can have these things . You can ask them for alternative food diet. Lastly, do not forget to drink water frequently. It will keep you hydrated and normalize your pressure levels.

7] Best Friend Diary

Make a habit of writing good moments of your life, positive thoughts, and inspirational stories in your diary. When you read these things, it is possible to relax your mind to some extent. You can always keep this diary closer to your bed. You can even carry it with you when you are traveling or staying alone some where else.

8] Long- distance is not a problem.

We cannot depend on everyone. Not everyone will be present physically around us all the time. But, given a chance of having access to technology devices, we can try to connect with our people. Make a call or send a message to your family or a friend. Tell them how you are feeling. Due to long -distance they may not be in a position to help you immediately. So, ask them to talk with you about anything. It will help you to divert your mind. Eventually, you will get involved with the discussion which will help in the reduction of anxiety levels.

9] Refresh Yourself

Most people find it difficult to wake up from bed. Some even get motions and vomiting. If you are able to get up from bed after following above methods or taking medications, wash your face. People get giddiness after using toilet. Wash your hands and legs , as they get sweaty (Symptom). Wash your face and drink lots of water. This simple thing will refresh you and make it easier to sleep.

10] Watch a show or walk

Going out at night will not be a safest idea for your health condition and maybe your location safety status. Anxiety will not go off suddenly. Once you feel a bit better or when anxiety reduces slowly, you can take little walks inside your room or home.  This will make you  feel strong physically. Watching any entertainment show is one of the way to keep you happy. Once you are involved in watching good shows or having a laugh, anxiety will slowly vanish.


For the Harry Potter fans:

Imagine anxiety/panic phase as a Boggart. It will show you the fearful things. But, one could use the wand by saying the Boggart-banishing spell “”Riddikulus””. The fearful thing vanishes.
In the same way, whenever you get anxiety/panic, try to remember all the good memories and best moments. Try to imagine the things you would love to do. It is difficult to remember and focus, but trying can helps out a lot to relax the mind. Your mind needs to be changed into a happier feeling.


All the tips listed here are helpful in recovery and avoiding the unwanted anxiety moment. While these suggestions are helpful, it may not work out with everyone. But, these simple methods have the ability to bring out the change in you. Finding methods to get you into a comfortable zone is necessary to stay away from anxiety. All you have to do is, follow the ways to improve a healthy mind and do not indulge in the depths of the sources that bring you down. Try repeating / reminding yourself, “Worrying will not get you anywhere. Whatever is meant to happen, will happen.”

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How To Help Someone With Anxiety And Panic Attacks?

Whenever anyone is feeling anxious, it becomes slightly difficult for the surrounding people to help in the right manner. Most of the people take the anxiety word lightly. Many people make fun of the people who suffer from anxiety. Ironically, these days ,anxiety is one of the  words used in memes. It is also mistakenly used in place of the word nervousness.

Anxiety can happen to anyone. It can be a child, teenager, adult, family member, colleague, friends or any stranger around the corner. Sometimes the severity of anxiety is visible, and it needs outside help. A severe anxiety has the chance of leading to a panic attack. People can ignore an anxious person but a panic attack is unavoidable. One may get confused to understand the person’s behavior. Most people often think of it as a heart attack or asthma. A panic attack can also be an unpredictable thing. For many people, it occurs in sleep. Waking up with a panic attack can be a more tension situation.

How to help someone with anxiety and panic attacks

With no knowledge of anxiety and panic, one may think of admitting the person immediately. How can you manage all by yourself , when admitting immediately is not possible?
Simple tips can help to stabilize the situation. Let’s check out the tips that can save the trouble:

1] Give water to the person

Make the person drink the water slowly. Since the heart beats are faster, the person will be trying hard to breathe. Drinking a gulp of water can lead to dry coughing. Thus, let the person drink water slowly. Water can help to normal the pressure levels. Keeping body hydrated helps to reduce the fever.

2] Breathe and Feel comfortable

Rub your hands on the person’s back in a slow massaging manner. This helps in calming down slowly. If the person wants to sleep on your lap, you can let them sleep on your lap and pat on their head slowly so that they can go back to sleep. Hug them smoothly and keep saying, “They are all right. The symptoms will go. The moment has passed. I am / We are with you. ”
The person with this attack needs emotional strength. Once they are self-secured that there are people taking care of them, they will feel better. These tips are possible with a family member or friends but may not always work out with a stranger. Ask the person to breathe slowly.  Inhale and exhale slowly with the counts.

3] Give Juice

If you have access to fruits or juice, then let them have a glass of juice. Before giving it to them, ask if they are allergic to it. Do not give any random juice without knowing whether it is suitable to them or not. You can give juice every few hours. This will help in boosting strength. The body stays hydrated and eventually the symptoms decline.

4] A Proper Food

You can give them a sandwich, salad, or cookies. Don’t give any caffeine products,oily or spicy food. Don’t forget to ask them whether they are allergic to any of those items. Additionally, raisins and fruits can be offered too. In-taking food  helps in increasing energy levels.

5] Ginger

If the person is having a nausea feeling, let them have slight bites of ginger. It will help in stopping nausea feeling and headache.

6] Keep Talking

Talk about anything but a good topic. You need to engage them in a conversation. This is much needed to divert their mind. Because the mind is trapped in darkness and body feels locked in with those waves of symptoms. If the person does not have enough energy to reply, then don’t insist on them to talk. When the person feels annoyed with your words, keep quiet. In case, the conversation does not annoy the person then you can continue talking. Just listening to you, can divert their mind for good.

7] Turn On Entertainment

Turn on any entertaining videos, series or movies for them. Let them sit and watch it while eating or drinking healthy item. Generally, this helps to relax the mood which in turn is helpful in getting rid of symptoms.  If they feel irritated to watch, turn it off.

8] Check on health issues

Some people have other health issues. Panic or anxiety can be a part of it. If the person can talk even a little bit, ask them about their medicines. Many people already take medicines for anxiety and panic triggers. Possibly, they might be taking medicines for other illness. It is always better to ask them about medicines and diet to help them with better solutions.

9] Social Comfortness

If you find the person often having social anxiety disorder. Accompany them and make them feel comfort always. Go out often and let them  interact with others. Remind them everything is normal and everyone loves them, there is nothing to worry about. Practicing this often can change the mind thoughts.

10] Home Alone

When no one is around the person during the attacks, it is the most difficult situation. If the person reaches out to you for help through a text or call. Speak to them properly. Keep talking on the call. Tell them, these symptoms are temporary. Make the person believe that he/she is a strong person. Remind them, you are there for them and you will reach to their place as soon as possible. Encourage them to have water, juice or eat something, watch entertainment and rest. Do not cut the call immediately. Talk with them on different topics and engage them in the conversation. If possible, make use of a new technology, the video calls. Video calls are much helpful in making the person feel better. When it is inconvenient for you to keep up with calls, then try texting. Even texting can help the person to better extent. When it is impossible for you to reach the place or to be on the calls and texts, ask someone else to do it for you. Contact someone who is common to both of you or closer to the suffering person. Try to provide help in whichever way possible.

11] Don’t say it.

Never ever say, “Oh, it’s just anxiety!” . “It’s just a panic attack! ” “It’s common , everyone gets it.” “Go and fix yourself !” “Stop being cranky and childish.”
Such discourteous  words affect the person’s emotions. The negative thoughts and rude behavior by others will only help in worsening the symptoms. You never know what all things a person suffers ! Some may be distress with different illness and hence, fighting altogether is not a easy peasy thing. If you can’t help and be rude then don’t say anything. Not saying rude things is also one of the helping tip.

Don’t bore them. Don’t tell them to count numbers, friends, colors  or objects. Don’t ask them to focus on your eyes or constantly look at something. They are already panicked which means they have lost concentration. Making them do boring things will be the last thing they would prefer to do.

You can keep track of such moments so that you can help the person in the future. It will be useful in taking precautions. You can insist on daily walking to them. You can also go out together on different outdoor activities which will engage the person in a positive aura. Walking, exercises and outdoor activities helps the person having a proper sleep. It also helps in leading healthy lifestyle which in turn produces healthy thoughts. People who can get along well with pets should try to have one with them. Having pets around helps to keep the mental health calmer.

These tips are pretty much helpful in stabilizing the situations. Sooner or later you can help the person consult the counselors/ psychologists/psychiatrist. A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) and medicines can reduce the triggers. As many people feel disabled to carry out a normal life because of this attacks, CBT and medicines surely helps to live a normal life back again.

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7 Things To Avoid In Online Mental Help


It’s a good thing to approach helplines for mental help. The reason should not necessarily be for mental disorders or illness. Once in a while, we look out for emotional support. It may not be comfortable for us to share our matters with our family or friends. Sometimes sharing it with a stranger feels much better in terms of relaxing. This is where people search for online help. Consequently, online mental help is not just for medical terms of disorders. Online mental help provides assistance to all the people in need of hearing their stories or problems. This kind of helpline is available for temporary mental illness and permanent mental disorders. Many times, this is helpful for people who feel lonely. This is also a place wherein bored people find a room in to have a conversation with a random person. When we cannot receive emotional and mental help from our own people, we seek for new people. But, we cannot rely on this online platform blindly. Open your eyes and take the precautions before you open up your feelings to someone. Let’s figure out what seven things we need to avoid in online mental help.

1] Say No To Selfies

Don’t upload selfies in groups. Most mental health-related social media groups are filled with selfies. Many people share their story and ask for other people to do the same. Several members upload their selfies with the tag ”Selfie day” or “Birthday” and request people to share their selfies in the groups or comments. Not everyone in the group has a mental illness. Some are bamboozlers. They are misusing your information. Additionally, group hacking is not a new thing now. Any hackers who have access to the group can have access to your profile. Yes, it is better when you have a group of people going through the same illness but you need to be mindful while sharing your information.

2] Online Chats

Anyone can approach you in the name of help through online messages. Do not give away information without knowing the person in real. Don’t get easily emotionally attached to the person.

3] Online Helpline Chats

Apart from social media, there are sites which provide online mental help. Anyone can join to receive and give help. Bitterly, most helpers are perverts. 9 out of 10 people are perverts. So, don’t get carried away. Whenever you need online help, opt for a psychiatrist or psychologist. Before requesting for help to them, do a thorough check up on their background because some people fake their identity as a psychiatrist/psychologist/counselors on online profile data.


4] Low Motive Groups

When you are diagnosed with mental disorder, it is advisable to stay around healthy mind people. If you have more conversations with the same disorder people, it will be difficult for you to overcome your issues. Sometimes your disorders are curable and have fewer symptoms compared to others. But, if you keep re-reading more about other symptoms related to the same disorder, you will come across varied symptoms faced by others. Ultimately, most people develop symptoms by reading the same things daily. It is a trigger to mind and hence, the mind begins to think in the same manner. Yes, it cannot be a high-level influence but it can affect you in many ways.

For e.g.:  Someone is in a paralyzed state and bedridden for years. You will be reading it often; it won’t affect you. On the contrary, someone repeatedly posts about how weak they feel, how much they want to be treated like a disabled person, how slowly they are giving up a normal life and how healthy life is not for us. There are people who are waiting to get classified into a disability section. Such people’s daily stories will have an easy influence on your mind. Your mind is what you feed. So, it is always advisable to direct yourself towards improvement and positive people instead of people who will pull your motive strings down.

5] Say No To Random Medications

Yes, it is possible that it is difficult to find mental help in your city. When anyone suggests medicines to you through online mental help, avoid taking it. Doctors give medicines based on your weight, other physical checkup and after few meetings of mental counseling. Most medicines have side effects. Hence, be careful before taking it without right checkups. People post in social media groups and pages asking for medicines that worked for others. Any random member comment medicine names. Don’t just buy the ones which cured others. You don’t know whether the person has really taken it or not. Possibly, the person is advertising medicines. Moreover, you need to keep in mind your body structure and symptoms are different from others. Thus, what worked for others will not work for you until and unless it is guaranteed by doctors.

6] Self-diagnose

Doing proper deep research about any illness and self-diagnosing is alright. But don’t announce that you have it to anyone until the doctor confirms it. Don’t just go to the doctor and tell them that you have a disorder. Share your symptoms. Let the doctor diagnose and draw the conclusions. Majority of doctors don’t like to hear self-diagnosed illness but they are ready to know all of your symptoms. In case, you directly tell the name of your self-diagnosed illness, some doctors will think that your symptoms are also made up. Therefore, don’t give them the wrong impression of your health.
For e.g.:  A person can’t directly go to the doctor and say, ‘I have a bipolar disorder’ thereby, ask for meds. This won’t work out. As in this case, bipolar symptoms conflict with other disorders too. Again, every disorder has a certain level of symptoms and behavior. So, jumping into the conclusion all by yourself is an utterly bad idea.

7] Loneliness Help

None of the social media groups of mental illness people will help you in the right form. Unfortunately, not all social media posts can be monitored. Numerous groups have suicide posts. This is a trigger and unhealthy signal to everyone. To get rid of loneliness, you need to meet people in real life. Communication in real communities is much more important and positively influential than in online groups. Involving yourself in a different skillful activity will keep you away from loneliness. Don’t think that you are struggling alone and no one can understand you. The online group is not the only place where you find the same people with support for you. Whether or not you find the actual help in your city or town, you need to find ways to keep your mind with positive vibes.


All perverts and non-experts ask for your personal details. Some may try to show that they have an interest in you. Furthermore, many perverts join such groups and forums for sexual satisfaction. Be it physical health or mental health take precautions while asking for online help. Many organizations are ready to give the right help. But, some organizations don’t have real experts helpline. There are good counselors but some are pretenders. Your health is in your hands. Always take time to find the right help. Communicate only with positive and safe people in the group.


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